10 Fantastic Shrove Tuesday Activities and Fun Ways for Family

Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, Pancake Day or the Mardi Gras 2017 is coming on Tuesday, February 28. It is celebrated one day before the Ash Wednesday in many countries around the world. Christians and Catholics celebrate the Pancake Day or the Shrove Tuesday. Here in this article, we are telling you the Fun Ways and Shrove Tuesday Activities for Family to celebrate the day with more fun.

There are many Shrove Tuesday Activities to celebrate the day with family, friends and loved ones. People also share Famous Quotes of the Shrove Tuesday with each other to spread the message of the day.

They also share beautiful Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day Images and Pictures with loved ones. Also set them as their device’s background. On the Shrove Tuesday people eat Pancake, they make Pancakes using some Best Pancake Day Recipes to make their family happy on the day.

On Shrove, Tuesday People eat fat and the food for which they are going to sacrifice for the next 40 days, the period of fasting called Lent. They play Pancake Day Games with friends, family, and kids. Special Shrove Tuesday Activities are performed in schools on the Shrove Tuesday to celebrate the day with more fun.

You can also celebrate the Shrove Tuesday or the Pancake Day with your family or friends in your home or outside with more fun, joy, and happiness. Here we are telling you indoor and out Shrove Tuesday Activities so go through and plan your celebration ways with your family, loved ones, and friends.

Indoor Shrove Tuesday Activities:

Here we are guiding you, how you can spend Shrove Tuesday 2017 making a lot of fun with your buddies, loved ones and family. You can celebrate the day with indoor Shrove Tuesday Activities to enjoy the day.

1.      Potluck Dinner Shrove Tuesday Activities:

Potluck Dinner Shrove Tuesday Activities

Decorate your home or the dining area in Mardi Gras theme, and arrange some masks and beautiful hats for kids and adults. On Shrove Tuesday gather your friends and family members for a wonderful pot-luck dinner to celebrate the day. Ask everyone to bring a favorite dish along, so there can be a diversity of dishes on your table. Now give kids and adults the masks and hats to wear and enjoy the meal while playing games also. And don’t forget to put off the decorations to prepare for the Lent.

2.      Role Play Shrove Tuesday Activities:

It’s a fun activity that you can play with children, so gather children’s equipment for bakery including spoons, bowls, whisks, plates, jugs and frying pans, etc. Make some chef hats with paper and enact with kids tossing and cooking pancakes.

3.      Toss the Pancake Shrove Tuesday Activities:

You can perform this activity with children and adults, by providing everyone a saucepan and a pancake. Fix timer for 1 or 2 minutes now count how many times everyone can toss his/her pancake within the time. You can also play some music while playing this game to make it more enjoyable.

4.      Drop the Pancake Shrove Tuesday Activities:

Make some pancakes with cardboard, now take a frying pan and place it on the floor. Now ask everyone participating in the game to drop the cardboard pancakes in the frying pan. Count how many pancakes everyone can drop. Play some music while playing this game to make it more attractive.

5.      Deciding Lent Sacrifices Shrove Tuesday Activities:

Shrove Tuesday is the best time to decide individually, or altogether planning to sacrifice during the Lent. Recognizing the sacrifices as gifts offered to God is paramount, and also that the gifts can help making us more powerful for living as Christians.

6.      Pancake Competition Shrove Tuesday Activities:

Gather your family and friends and ask them to make a pancake with unique and best Pancake Day Recipe. Then decide which one is the Recipe of the Day.

Outdoor Shrove Tuesday Activities:

If you want to enjoy the day outside with your family and friends, it’s also a good idea. You can perform many outdoor Shrove Tuesday Activities making a lot of fun with your loved ones and relatives.

1.      Outdoor Picnic Shrove Tuesday Activities:

Picnic makes you triumphal and fresh so gather your family and friends for a wonderful Shrove Tuesday Picnic to make the day memorable. If you have some snow area near, then visit it and make some snow pancakes there.

2.      Pancake Race Shrove Tuesday Activities:

Pancake Race Shrove Tuesday

In many countries Pancake Races are held to can take part in any. But you can also enjoy this game individually with your family and friends. Arrange frying pan and pancakes for everyone and decide some finishing point for the race. Now ask everyone to run tossing the pancake in the pan and reach to the finishing point without dropping the pancake.

3.      Pancake on Head Race Shrove Tuesday Activities:

Children and adults can play this game, make some cardboard pancakes and ask them to place a pancake on the head and walk to the finishing point. Every time add one more pancake and see finishes the game longest.

4.      Children Parade Shrove Tuesday Activities:

Children Parade Shrove Tuesday Activities

It is an excellent idea, arrange some beautiful and easy-to-make costumes, and decorate bikes, cars, wagons or self-made floats to drive through your surroundings. Also buy some stuffed animals, beads, toys, or chocolates that the parade participants can throw to the viewers. Adults can help them in the parade.



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