12 Latest and Popular Holi Gifts Ideas with Helpful Guidelines

Festival of colors Holi is a special time to give time to our loved ones and to have a lot of fun playing with water balloons, sprinklers, and color powder. A great time to come together spreading cheer, happiness, and joy all around us. So on the next Holi Festival, 2017 intensify the hearts of your loved ones with cheerful and unusual Holi Gifts. Also send across your exuberant Wishes of Holi with our amazing and surprising Holi Gifts Ideas.

Holi is a worldwide event celebrated by Hindus every year between the end of February and starting of March. This year Holi is coming on 12 March 2017. On the great occasion of Holi, people do a lot of fun, they arrange Special and Delicious Holi Food, share the love by giving Exciting Holi Cards to their loved ones.

Holi points out the celebration of goodness over wrong and evil and brings a chance to convey brotherhood, trust, and message of love through Beautiful Quotes on Holi every year. On the festival of colors, people come together to celebrate Holi with great fun, enthusiasm, and zest. Wonderful Holi Gifts play a vital role to make your loved ones feel happy and something special on the event.

Holi Gifts should show a definite pulsation, and it should convey the real feeling of respect and love for your loved one. Gifts are always a source of surprise, love, and happiness for the recipient. So how you can forget to purchase gifts for your loved ones in the event of Holi. We are providing you some exclusive Ideas with HD Images of Holi Gifts for your ease and help. So go through and check to get ideas for purchasing amazing Holi Gifts for your loved ones to complete the Celebrations of Holi Festival.

Some Points to Keep in Ming while Choosing Holi Gifts

While choosing beautiful Holi Gifts for your friends, family and loved ones you should consider these helpful tips.

  • Holi Gifts should emit the exact image of the event.
  • Always keep in mind your relationship with recipient while choosing Holi Gifts.
  • Your gifts should itself transmit the message.
  • For your ease, you can use online shopping websites.
  • The gift should be within your budget.
  • Your feelings are most important than price.
  • Keep in mind the choice of recipient.
  • Always present useful gifts.
  • You can also give some handmade gifts.

Attractive and Famous Holi Gifts Ideas

Holi Gifts

No matter if you’re still confused for choosing suitable gifts, take help from our most beautiful, famous, and attractive Holi Gifts Ideas.

1.      Gujiya and Sweets Holi Gifts:

Sweets are very famous as Holi gifts; you can buy a box of Gujiya and sweets to present on the day.

2.      Chocolates:

Chocolates gifts

Nothing can compete with chocolates, these most popular sweets and gifts to give anyone on any occasion. So gift your loved ones a box full of their most favorite chocolates.

3.      Nuts and Dry Fruits:

Nuts and Dry Fruits

Dry fruits and nuts are eminently demanding gifts for Holi. Even you can make any moment special with them. To make a lasting impression on your recipient, you can buy any available designer boxes to pack nuts and dry fruits or buy already packed one.

4.      Apparels Holi Gifts:

Appearls as Holi Gifts

On the Holi festival, people mostly love to gift clothes and apparels. You can select for your dear ones some special dress in white, t-shirts, ties, studs, jewelry, etc.

5.      Flowers:

Flowers are a source of happiness and are a special gift for any festive occasion, so how you can forget them on Holi the Festival of Colors.

6.      Beautiful Wall Hanging and Idols:

Holi Wall Hangings

Wall hanging and Idol is a perfect Holi gift to adorn your loved one’s home on the event, and it will remind the recipient of your love and feelings.

7.      Home Decoration Piece:

You can also buy some home decoration piece like flower vase, carpet, flower basket, rugs, etc. Or be creative and present a handmade home decoration item on this Holi.

8.      Awesome Greeting Cards:

color splash

Send Holi Greeting Cards to your dear ones on the upcoming Holi festival or share e-cards online through any social media or by email.

9.      Photo Album:

holi cards

Purchase a beautiful Holi photo frame to always be in the mind of the recipient. Or make yourself a fantastic photo frame like this.

10. Holi Gifts for Kids:

Kids are always special, and they enjoy getting a gift, they become very happy having a gift. You can bring water gun, masks, colorful hats, toys, etc. kids are always cherished immensely by these types of gifts.

11. Color Pack:

Holi Color Set

Elegantly packed colors are an unquestionably suitable gift for all on holi. Colors symbolize the real importance of Holi festival.

12. Gift Hampers:

Special Holi gift hampers are available in the market or online consists of beautiful trays having sweets, gulal, idols and much more you can buy them to present on Holi.

Have a Wonderful Holi!



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