St David’s Day Run, a Family Day Out and Help for Cancer Research Wales

Mr. Huw Lewis MBE organized St David’s Day Run for the first time in 2003. Run highlights celebration of Welsh National Holiday, the St David’s Day, and also collects necessary funds for charities. With the passage of time, the event is increasing more and more now thousands of people participate in the event.

St David’s Day is a celebration of honoring the Saint David who died on 01 March 601. So the day of his dead become a celebration for St David’s Day UK and US. People of UK and US celebrate the day every year. Schools also organize many programs on the St David’s Day including Poems of St David’s Day, songs and literature reading, etc.

Many other events also held on the day of celebration of the great day. No doubt the St David’s Day Run has become a part of event’s calendar for encouragement, learning and motivation trust young person’s charity. The remarkable run conducted on the weekend nearest to St David’s Day. The run always fascinates some fantastic Costumes of St David’s Day and takes in some breathtaking views of capital while running around the Bute Park.

St David’s Day Run a perfect event and family day out offering 1K, 5K and the 10K race every year. We are also providing you the best Images and Picture of St David’s Day Run. You can better see the run along fun and can plan a run for this year’s St David’s Day.

St David’s Day Run 1

St David’s Day Run is a great opportunity and family day out for the people who want some fun with the challenge. It’s also a perfect event for those who want to attempt running competition for the first time. As the run offers different sequences like1K, 5K and the 10K, so the 1K race is perfect for families and surely is a great source of a laugh and fun for all people involved in it. People belong to all ages who wish to enjoy it can participate in the run.

St David’s Day Run 3

The 5k race, a perfect choice, for the people who want to take first steps into any running competition and to looking to attempt the first race. It’s also excellent for those experienced runners who are looking to have a PB. And surely it’s also good for raising wealth for the Welsh charity center.

St David’s Day Run 2

10K race doubtlessly is perfect for the people who want more challenge in the contest. So, become a part of St David’s Day Run under the running belt to have more challenge in the run.

St David’s Day Run 4

St David’s Day Run Route

St David’s Day Run route is around the Bute Park; it’s a great opportunity providing you a chance to take some outstanding views of Wales’s ideal capital. Fees of all the entries go to race sponsorship and organizers raised for the cancer center coming to charity.

St David’s Day Run Route

St David’s Day Run 2017

The St David’s Day Run celebrating the National Holiday of Welsh, also raising the necessary funds for the cancer center. The run taking place Sunday 5 March 2017, the run always motivates the supporters of the run to wear unique costumes.

Free Running Vest will be provided to the fundraisers of cancer research Wales, when they will just create the giving page. You can also join the cancer research Wales to help to raise essential funds for establishing the research projects into the treatments, diagnoses, and preventatives of cancer.

So plan a family day out, and participate in the upcoming St David’s Day Run 2017 to help the cancer center to have fun on the day. Enjoy a lot on the run with the passion of helping the needy cancer patients.



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