22 Amazing and Interesting St Patrick’s Day Facts that You must Know

St Patrick’s Day is biggest National Holiday in Ireland and Irish cultural and religious celebration. Do you want to know the St Patrick’s Day Facts? Here we are providing you the 22 interesting St Patrick’s Day Facts. You can better know and understand why 80 million people around the world celebrate the St Patrick’s Day.

We are providing you the interesting St Patrick’s Day Facts that you must know. Celebrations of the day include sending Appealing Quotes about St Patrick’s Day sharing gifts and Beautiful St Patrick’s Day Cards and much more.

Parades on St Patrick’s Day also held, and a large number of public join those wearing Amazing Costumes of St Patrick’s Day. People also make Related Recipes on St Patrick’s Day to wish and to make their loved ones happy on the day.

The day is a special celebration every year on 17 March, and St Patrick’s Day Facts tell you an exact celebration of the day. We are also providing you the HD Images of St Patrick’s Day Facts that you can send to your loved ones as a gift of the day. So let’s have a look at top St Patrick’s Day Facts here.

St Patrick’s Day Facts

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  1. The St Patrick’s Day is a national holiday in Northern Ireland and the Ireland on 17 March every year.
  2. A day of feast every year named after the saint patron.
  3. St Patrick wasn’t Irish; he was a British from Wales.
  4. Saint Patrick was the person who brought Christianity to
  5. Birth name of St Patrick was Maewyn Succat, but after evolving into Priest, he changed it to Patricius.
  6. Shamrock was teaching too; St Patrick explained it the holy trine to irreligious Irish.
  7. Many years ago blue color was connected with St Patrick’s Day and green color considered unlucky. For many countries, St Patrick’s Blue considered Ireland symbolic, and Irish Presidential Standard is blue till yet.
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  9. In New York St Patrick’s Day Parade held for the first time in 1760.
  10. One of the world’s largest Parades on St Patrick’s Day held in New York City.
  11. Dripsey considered world’s shortest parade for many years, just 77 feet. But in present times AR affirms the shortest parade, 99 routes on the bridge street. And the participants included San Diego Chicken and Irish Elvises.
  12. People consider that St Patrick drove all of the snakes out the Ireland.
  13. To mark 200th St Patrick’s Day anniversary, Sydney Opera House colored in green in 2010.
  14. Irish abscond country. On 17 March in Ireland, a lot of people, politicians, dancers and musicians travel abroad to work on worthwhile concerts elsewhere.
  15. On St Patrick’s Day every year in Chicago, plumber local 110 union colors the Kelly River in green, with 40 tons of green dye, which remains for almost five hours.
  16. Every year Irish leader traditionally presents shamrock full crystal bowl to US president.

Interesting St Patrick’s Day Facts

St Patrick’s Day Facts
On St Patrick’s Day Guinness sale soar, about 5.5 million pints are a sale every day worldwide, and the amount is doubled on St Patrick’s Day.

  1. Traditionally St Patrick’s Day essential, the Cabbage, and Corned Beef do nothing with grain corn. It’s just a nod to salt crumb also called “corns,” historically used to antidote meats.
  2. No holiday decoration shows the female fairy, and it doesn’t become a part of any Irish folk tales.
  3. After listening to the “Erin Go Bragh” you can never participate in events of St Patrick’s Day, because the phrase means a corruption of Irish roughly the “Ireland Forever.”
  4. In the United States also, the St Patrick’s Day is a well-known holiday, and people dress up in green and eat cabbage and corned beef.
  5. It’s a tradition to pinch the person not wearing a green dress on St Patrick’s Day.
  6. Ireland’s magic number is 3 and shamrock’s 3 petals considered to bring good luck and Trinity in the Christian




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