3 World Famous Hong Kong, New York City, and San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade

No event completes without a fantastic parade Chine New Year is also the same festival which never ends without the parade. Here in this article, we are telling you about three world-famous parades including Hong Kong, New York City and San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade. To know details about all of these Chinese New Year Parades go through and your destination to watch the Chinese New Year Parade 2017.

Unlike the Christian New Year, Chinese New Year celebrated with the lunar calendar on the first day of the new moon. Every year the Chinese New Year comes on a different date between 20 January and 20 February, this year the event is coming on 28 January 2017. This great event is recognized around the world, many countries having associations with China Celebrate the Chinese New Year. The festival is primarily celebrated in China and Taiwan with pomp and show Chinese New Year Parade also organized in many countries to celebrate the event.

Chinese New Year includes many Chinese New Year Activities are involved in the celebrations of the great event. Such as Chinese Decorations, greetings, wishes, Chinese New Year clothes making, shopping, Party for the New Year and much more. The celebrations always complete with fantastic Parade and Chinese New Year Fireworks.

People of many countries around the world celebrate this event with great fun and excitement. Nowadays its trend to set HD Wallpapers, images or pictures of the event on PC or mobile devices during the period of Chinese New Year Celebrations.The central theme of Chinese New Year is red and gold, so people decorate their homes, offices, buildings, and streets with red lanterns, banners, and many other beautiful things. The event continues for 15 Days and end with a great Chinese New Year Parade of children with lanterns.

For the coming Chinese New Year event, people are much excited and are planning how to spend the festival having more fun and joy. Some are planning for home decorations; are busy in shopping and the in particular females search for the best Nail Designs for Chinese New Year and much more. Some are thinking to visit the best Chinese New Year Parade so here we are telling you briefly about three world-famous parades for the event go through and decide your venue for Chinese New Year 2017.

3 World Famous Chinese New Year Parade

Chinese New Year Parade Hong Kong

Hong Kong parade is beautiful to watch; the parade features marching bands, colorful floats, the lively animal of the year, acrobats, dancers, firecrackers, and drummers. 2017 is Chinese Year of the Rooster, so in the next parade, the lively animal will be replaced with Rooster.

The Hong Kong Parade traditionally held at New Year Day evening blows through Tsim Sha Tsui streets for one and half hour along the live music, acrobats, floats, dances, folklore, arts, and much more.

Chinese New Year Parade Hong Kong

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Parade features more than 30 performing bands and floats. International performers also take part in this parade from many countries like Thailand, Japan, and the Czech Republic.

The grand parade marches through Tsim Sha Tsui streets beginning from Cultural Centre of Hong Kong near the waterfront. Then it goes on Canton Road, Haiphong Road, Nathan Road, and finally arrives backs to the waterfront through the Salisbury Road. Then it ends at Sheraton Hotel’ front. Huge numbers of spectators gather at all the spots of the parade route to enjoy the fabulous Chinese New Year Parade.

While visiting any of the parade’s route spot for the coming Chinese New Year beware of the fake people “looking official” who sometimes try to charge “Show Fee” with the free route of the parade. On 28 January 2017, the show officially will start at 8:00 pm. But the celebrations start before the show begins almost from 6:00 pm with rambling performers, dancers, live shows, drummers, etc. So arrive earlier to enjoy the parade from a good viewing spot.

Hong Kong Chinese New Year

Last year for the spectators Stands Ticket were from HK$480 / $450 / to $300 per person. The ticket for sale are available before few weeks of New Year and sell out on the first day of sale. To buy the ticket contact the HK Tourism Office at Star Ferry in TST, one person can buy four tickets.

San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade

San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade is named as one of the world’s top Ten Parades and the largest celebration of its kind from outside the Asia. More than 100 units take part in this massive parade, along floats and acrobats featuring the theme of the Chinese Zodiac Sign of the Year. The coming 2017 is the Chinese Year of the Rooster.


Chinese of San Francisco started the parade in 1860 to enlighten the people about Chinese culture. And now this fabulous show and event have grown to the greater ceremony of Asian civilization outside the Asia. The grand parade features beautiful floats, acrobats, marching bands, art groups, dancers. Also the firecrackers, brutish lions, and embellished costumes and much more.


Millions of spectators come to watch this parade every year from many countries from all over the world. For this Chinese New Year, the parade will start at 6:00 pm. And will end at almost 8:00 pm on Saturday 11 February 2017. You can also watch it live telecasted on Television on KTSF Channel 26 or KTVU Fox.

New York Chinese New Year Parade


The 18th Chinese New Year Parade and Lunar festival going to held in Chinatown on  Sunday   5 February 2017. It’s a world famous and wonderful parade showing Chinese Culture. More the 5,000 people will march in the parade. The parade begins at the Mott Street and walking through the streets of Chinatown and finally finishing at the Broom/Forsyth.


This beautiful parade features decorated floats, firecrackers, lions, dragons, marching bands, dancers, magicians, acrobats, Asian musicians and much more. The parade will begin at 3:00 pm in Sara D. Roosevelt Park. There will be more performer, dancers, acrobats and musicians than the previous year. For a better view of the famous parade, you can visit Allen Street between Grand and Canal.


Now, what is your plan about the Chinese New Year Parade? Which of the give parade you’re visiting to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year 2017? Choose your favorite one and have more fun and entertainment for the Chinese New Year and have a nice day.




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