5 Incredible Chinese New Year Decorations Ideas with Red and Gold Chinese Theme

Want to make the coming Chinese New Year Celebrations special? Come and join us in this article because we are providing you a huge collection of best Chinese New Year Decorations Ideas. These ridiculous ideas include wall decorations, posters, paper cuttings, hangings, flags and much more with best Chinese New Year theme.

These decoration ideas surely will add legitimate feel to your arrangements, and also you can apply them for any Chinese themed festival or some special Chinese occasion. So enjoy Chinese Year of the Rooster with our fantastic Chinese New Year Decorations Ideas. And have Happy Chinese New Year 2017.

The event is world famous, many countries around the world celebrate the Chinese New Year. And the great event includes many traditions and Chinese New Year Activities for its celebrations. Such as Party of the New Year shopping, cloth making, greetings, gifts, wishes, special Chinese New Year Dinner, fireworks and much more. But the most significant activity among all is the Chinese New Year Decorations with the best theme and uniqueness.

For females Chinese New Year Nail design making is the most important part of the Chinese New Year Decorations on the event to celebrate it with more fun and enthusiasm. It is the great and important event especially in China and Taiwan, and many other countries consanguinity with China.

Chinese New Year celebrated with lunar calendar’s first day of new moon, and the festivity continues for 15 days of fun and entertainment. People start shopping for the event almost one month before the event they do Chinese New Year Decorations in their homes, offices, common places and almost everywhere around.

Gleaming, glittering and ravishing Chinese New Year Decorations never could be unsuccessful to hold the fascination and magic of the beautiful season. So it’s time to embellish all around with sparkling lanterns and flowers. It’s time to spread a sea of hallmarks of the season like gold and red, sparkling lights and propitious flowers and beautiful plant everywhere.

Some traditional decorations used for the Chinese New Year carrying some significant meaning. The Central Chines Theme is also used in the Parades of New Year. Our Chinese New Year Decorations contain best ideas for your ease and to design crafts and ornaments for the event at home. These ideas will surely add the celebratory gropes to your home, office, classroom or party.

Here we are providing you best and astonishing Chinese New Year Decorations for Chinese Year of the Rooster 2017. We are bringing everything that you need or planning for the 2017 Chinese New Year Decorations for home or party. So let’s have a glimpse of these best ideas and then choose your favorite ideas. And by doing some innovations make them more beautiful and enchanting for your home or special Chinese New Year Party.

1.    Red Lanterns Chinese New Year Decorations

Red Lanterns Chinese New Year Decorations

Red Lanterns are the symbol of important Chinese festivals like Chinese New Year, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Spring Festival. These Red Lanterns used in the Chinese New Year hanging on the streets, trees, houses, offices, buildings, and doors. It believed to commute the bad luck off by hanging the red lanterns in front of the door. So you also add these red lanterns while decorating your home on the Chinese New Year. You can easily make these lanterns at home or can purchase from the market.

2.    Banners for Chinese New Year Decorations

Chinese New Year 2016 HD

Chinese New Year’s central theme is red and gold. Make banners with these colors with some beautiful Chinese New Year messages or greetings for luck for the coming year. Decorate all the doorways showing a warm welcome, wishes and greetings of good fortune, and prosperity for the next Year 2017. Chinese believe the gold and red colors good for luck; red color signifies vitality and energy of life and pleasure, and the gold color means prosperity and good wealth. Then place red and gold banners in your homes, offices, and classrooms for good luck and prosperity on this Chinese New Year 2017.

3.    Beautiful Door Couplets Chinese New Year Decorations


Chinese have a tradition to stick New Year Couplets on the doors. Good wishes and statements for New Year are written in these couplets. In Chinese culture, usually good wishes are placed in pairs, and the number also associated with fluke and auspiciousness. New Year couplets are Chinese Calligraphy with brush work on red papers with black ink.

7 character lines of New Year couplet are pasted on both sides of the entrance. Some New Year statements or poems about spring season, prosperity and harmony are written in these couplets. Now it’s your turn to make your couplet and paste on two sides of the entrance to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year 2017.

4.    Amazing Firecrackers Chinese New Year Decorations


It’s a Chinese tradition to make paper hanging firecrackers instead of the wreaths and garlands on the door and entrances. Walls, plazas, homes, offices and parks decorated with these Firecrackers. The amazing red and gold firecrackers add a lively effect to the atmosphere of the New Year festivity representing the emphatic and cheerful bursting noises of the great season. Traditionally firecrackers illuminated in front of the stores and homes to scare away the evil spirits. The firecrackers are easy to make at home. But if you’re busy person then buy them from any shop, as the stores are full of decorative firecrackers in the Chinese New Year season.

5.    Paper Cuttings Chinese New Year Decorations


Chinese New Year Paper Cutting is an art of cutting beautiful patterns and designs out of red papers. It’s Chinese tradition to stick paper cuttings on walls, windows, and doors to welcome the Chinese New Year. New Year’s paper cutting theme is usually animal of the year or some propitious plant representing a unique wish for the coming year.

Such as pomegranate indicates fertility, pine tree shows endless youth, and peach means long-life, magpie squatted on plum tree symbolizes coming successful event, mandarin duck for love, and the peony shows wealth and honor. Which of these are you going to make for the Chinese New Year Decorations for 2017?



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