5 Mind-Blowing and Awesome New Years Eve Theme Ideas

How are you planning to celebrate the New Year’s Day? Is your party small, big or in between? No matter you want a small get together having few family members, or your plan is to organize a party for a lot of people on the New Year’s Day. Our awesome New Year’s Eve Theme Ideas will surely add more charm and also will set the mood on the event’s celebrations. You can choose any of the awesome New Year’s Eve Theme for your party that you find best according to your mood.

New Year is observed on January 1 annually. The day has much popularity over the world in many countries it is recognized as a public holiday. People around the world do a lot of shopping for the day, even the shops in the markets are crowded very much. Preparations for the day involve numerous activities including New Year cards, home decor, costumes, organizing parties, dances, games, making New Year Tree and much more. The celebrations for the New Year start from 31 December the last day of the running year also known as the New Year’s Eve. So the most important among all others is to choose awesome New Years Eve Theme for your party.

As the New Year comes only once in a year and New Year’s Eve is celebrated on 31 December every year according to Julian calendar. New Year’s Eve is celebrated every year around the world with great fun and entertainment. So it will be great if you use some wonderful and awesome New Years Eve Theme to make your party more amazing and memorable in the minds of others for the years long.

You can use colorful, chocolate, ocean, or may be black light or any other wonderful theme for your party to make the event overwhelming, more wonderful and fun. Here we are providing you some Awesome New Years Eve Theme Ideas along some activities to perform on the party to make it more alive and memorable the hearts of your guests.

1.     The beautiful Black and Gold Awesome New Years Eve Theme Idea

The beautiful Black and Gold Awesome New Years Eve Theme Idea

You can use the black and gold awesome New Years Eve Theme to make the environment more romantic and entertaining. It is the best idea to choose this theme to present a different and elegant look in your party. Use well-decorated Table clothes, use shimmery balloons in black and gold, flowers and snowflakes, black hats, black and gold face masks and things like that. To give more attraction make a themed New Year Tree as a centerpiece of your party.

2.     Chocolaty Awesome New Years Eve Theme Idea


If you want to make your New Year’s Eve party more romantic and chocolaty, then use this amazing and Awesome New Years Eve Theme to put a great impression on the minds of your guests. Give the chocolate touch to your party with elegance and make the moment nostalgic. Make some bubbly decorations along with a chocolate fountain.

3.     Ocean Awesome New Years Eve Theme Idea


Use the ocean theme if you don’t want black or chocolate theme. It will create an astonishing and colorful look in your New Year’s Eve party. You can use the aquatic color scheme to make it more beautiful.

4.     Forest Awesome New Years Eve Theme Idea


Give a forest theme to your party and change the place in real like a forest. You can use green and brown face masks, gold table clothes with place green cards on it, and some colorful candles. Also use the green color schemed crockery to make the party a real forest New Year’s Eve party.

5.     Colorful Awesome New Years Eve Theme Idea


In the colorful theme, you can mix all the theme ideas, using different colors. Use colorful wall decorations, cups, napkins, table clothes, and colorful place cards, tiaras, novelty hats and glasses. Your party’s theme should give a luster view to making it unforgettable.

New Years Eve Party Activities

With a perfect and Awesome New Year’s Eve Theme your party is going to be a unique and different party than others. You can add more charm to your party with some fun and live activities on the party. And your guests will remember it for the years long.

Music and Disco with Awesome New Years Eve Theme


Your New Year’s Eve party will not be completed without playing some music and disco. So play the music and let your inner animal come out and loose with the disco ball. Let your guests dancing until morning presenting them delicious snacks along champagne. Always keep in mind the plenty of your room and the correct lighting, never forget to place strobe lights in the room.

New Years Eve Party Fun and Games

Presenting Incredible Noisemaker


Ask the visitors to bring craziest and incredible noisemakers. Also, shoot a video and play game replying each guest with their noisemaker and then ask all to vote for the winner. You can arrange a prize for the winner. And have a get-together to celebrate the midnight.

Arranging Photography

You can do photography yourself or can ask one of your guests to do it for you. When guests are arriving ask them to take a photo. You can arrange hats, tiaras, and scarfs and face masks to make a photo. Then take photos during the party and later share these photos online with your guests to make the party unforgettable.

Asking Guests to Write Few Lines for the New Year

Having Awesome New Years Eve Theme if you ask your guests to write some line on New Year’s predictions then it will make alive your party. The incredible idea to wrap up the great night is to ask your guests to guess their friend’s predictions. And it will be very surprising and difficult to guess with fun also.

Prove Yourself a Good Host

Enjoy an incredible and blasting New Year’s Eve party, but keep in mind, not to allow anyone to drive flawed. Being a host you not only want to save your friends, but it could be legally answerable from you of your guests’ drunk driving. In many states, these are “Social Host” laws.

So to save everyone, arrange the abstemious person to drive the drunk friends their home. Or you can call some taxicab for them. Or simply just take keys from them and let your friends sleep at your home. And in morning server your friends with eggs, bacon, and coffee for breakfast.

Now, what are you planning for the Awesome New Years Eve Theme and party? Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve Party.

Happy New Year




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