50 Interesting, Revolutionary and Fun Bastille Day Facts

Delve into and know all about 50 interesting, important, revolutionary and fun  Bastille Day Facts. French National Day or Bastille Day is the biggest holiday of the year in France every year. The Bastille Day celebrated on 14 July every year in France with a great pomp and show.

Bastille Day Celebration is actually an honor for the storming of Bastille in Paris. There are important Bastille Day Facts behind this event. People celebrate the French National Day busy in different activities. They make Delicious Food on Bastille Day to make their dear ones happy.

Also, they wear Patriotic Costume for Bastille Day as a part of the celebration. Also, people do Special Décor on Bastille Day. Everyone celebrates the biggest France National Day holiday with much fun and joy, busy in joyful activities. Sharing Cards of Bastille Day with friends and family as Surprising Gift of Bastille Day is also very trendy.

No matter how to celebrate the day, the important thing is the Bastille Day Facts behind its celebration. The day is the remembrance of starting of revolution of France, followed by the storming of Bastille in Paris in 1789.

Here in this post, we’re telling you important, interesting and revolutionary Bastille Day Facts, to increase your knowledge about Bastille Day. Also, the Fun Bastille Day Facts are part of our post to create fun in your life. So let’s have a look on the Bastille Day Facts to enhance your knowledge.

Interesting Bastille Day Facts

Bastille Day Facts

  1. The Bastille was basically a royal state prison built in the 1370s to defend and secure Paris from the English during the Hundred Years War.
  2. The seven prisoners comprised four forgers, two lunatics, and one aristocrat.
  3. When the Bastille was demolished, a developer made a fortune selling off pieces as souvenirs.
  4. After the storming of the Bastille, its main key was given to the Marquis de Lafayette who later gave it to George Washington.
  5. It can still be seen at Washington mansion at Mount Vernon.
  6. Billy the Kid shot and killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett on Bastille Day 1881.
  7. The aristocrat was Comte Hubert de Solages, whose family had asked for him to be imprisoned for committing incest with his sister.
  8. One of the lunatics an Anglo-Irish man named De Witt (or Whyte) who variously believed that he was either Julius Caesar, St. Louis, or God.
  9. One freed prisoner is said to have refused to go until he had finished his roast pheasant dinner.
  10. Bastille Day celebrated in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, India, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and in the United States.
  11. The famous writer and philosopher Voltaire was once a prisoner of the Bastille.
  12. In addition to the Bastille Day Military Parade in Paris, there are fireworks, dances, music, food and street celebrations in Paris and across the rest of the country.
  13. France is not the only country to celebrate Bastille Day. In some parts of the United States, such as Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there is a Bastille Day celebration as well. In Milwaukee, the celebration lasts four days and they even have a replica of the Eiffel Tower that is 43 feet in height.

Revolutionary Bastille Day Facts

Bastille Day Facts

  1. Bastille originates from the French word for stronghold – bastide.
  2. Once a busy state penitentiary, it only held seven prisoners when it was stormed.
  3. Beginning in 1417 the Bastille was a prison for those who opposed France’s kings.
  4. From the period between 1420 and 1436, the English had control of the Bastille.
  5. King Louis XVI asked, “Is it a revolt?” when he learned of the attack on the Bastille. He told “No Sire, it is a revolution.”
  6. The mob that stormed the Bastille also stole all the weapons they could find to use in their revolution against the monarchy.
  7. After the Storming of the Bastille and prior to the formation of the French Republic in 1792 many aristocrats executed in France in what referred to as ‘The Reign of Terror’.
  8. Although the Bastille had enough space to hold 50 prisoners, when it was stormed there were only seven prisoners, including one deviant aristocrat, two lunatics, and four forgers.
  9. Bastille Day became a national holiday in France in 1880, less than 100 years after the Storming of the Bastille.
  10. The French celebrate Bastille Day as a way to recognize the significance of the Storming of the Bastille as the end of the royal monarchy and the beginning of its modern republic.
  11. Bastille Day celebrated in Paris with a parade on the Champs Elysees called the Bastille Day Military Parade. The Champs-Elysees decorated with flags for the annual parade.
  12. The French President usually gives a speech following the Bastille Day Military Parade. This parade is the oldest European military parade.
  13. The Bastille Day Military Parade ends at the Arc de Triomphe. A large monument that honors those who died while fighting for France during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.

Fun Bastille Day Facts

Bastille Day Facts

  1. Bastille Day happens every year on July 14th
  2. The date is based on the storming of the “Bastille”, which happened July 14th, 1789
  3. Milwaukee, Wisconsin has a large Bastille Day celebration that lasts four days – they even have a 43-foot tall replica of the Eiffel Tower
  4. Bastille Day recognized as the end of the monarchy and the beginning of the French Revolution the French Republic formed in 1792
  5. Before the republic established, France went through a period called “The Reign of Terror,” where many people of the aristocratic class executed.
  6. At the end of the parade in Paris, the French President usually gives a speech
  7. The oldest military parade in Europe holds in Paris on this day, starting at the Champs Elysées and ending at the Arc de Triomphe
  8. During the storming of the Bastille, political prisoners released
  9. France ruled by King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette at the time
  10. Louis and Marie forced to hide at the Palace of Versailles because of the angry mobs
  11. Bastille Day also celebrated in many French-speaking countries
  12. Much like July 4th in the States, all over France people celebrate with fireworks, dances, and musical performances
  13. There were only 7 prisoners in the Bastille when it was stormed (it was only big enough to hold 50)
  14. The mob that stormed the Bastille didn’t just set prisoners free, they also armed themselves with weapons
  15. Bastille Day became a national holiday in France in 1880







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