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One of the most famous holy days in the Liturgical calendar is the Ash Wednesday, which comes between February 4 & March 10. The Ash Wednesday 2017 is coming on Wednesday 01 March 2017.  Ash Wednesday indicates the arrival of Lent, the season of prayers and fasting. The Ash Wednesday is celebrated one day after the Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day.

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Lent consists of 46 days before Easter Sunday, which starts with Ash Wednesday. Especially Catholics and Christians observe the Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday originated from ancient Jewish custom of fasting and penance. Tradition consists of splitting ashes on the head. Ashes illustrate dust from which God has created all of us. As Lama practices ashes to some person’s forehead saying:

“Keep in mind that you are dust, and to dust, you have to return.”

Or “Deplore and have faith in the Gospel.”

Saying like this based on the words said to Adam and Eve after their evil. On Ash Wednesday the ashes remind the worshippers of their mortality and sinfulness and so, essentially, of their need to lament on the day.

Ashes also represent despair, sorrow, the despair which we have deviated and caused division from the God. Second century’s writings represent ashes splitting as a symbol of repentance.

Lama conducts ashes during Mass, he invites and all the people to acquire ashes as a sign of repentance. No doubt non-Christians and condemn are also welcome to obtain ashes. Ashes are produced from palm branches, which are brought from last year’s Palm Sunday celebration. Ashes are immersed with sacred water and then are fragranced by hazard to incense.

On Ash Wednesday the ashes remind us that God is merciful and kind to those who call Him with grief hearts. His celestial kindness of extreme importance during the Lent season. Church calls us on Ash Wednesday to learn the kindness during the whole Lenten season with consideration, repentance, and prayer.

Sometimes on the Ash, Wednesday piece of paper or small cards also given, and each person writes a hurtful, sin or unjust things on them. Then these cards brought to alter and are burned with palm branches. Cross sign made with ashes on the forehead is a visible symbol of our grief and penance for sins. Ceremonially ashes placed on Christians’ heads on the Ash Wednesday; it may be sprinkled on the head or marked on the forehead with a cross sign.

There are no specific rules about how low to wear the ashes on forehead or head. Mostly people wear ashes for the whole day of Ash Wednesday as an expression of their repentance and faith. Many ways of placing ashes on people’s heads used in Roman Rite of Catholic Church. Two mostly used ways are making a cross sign on forehead and sprinkling over top of the head.

Previously ashes spread on men’s head. No doubt women had covered head in church, that’s why ashes placed on their forehead on the Ash Wednesday. In Catholic Church the way of placing ashes depends on local tradition, there is no specific rule for this.

On Ash Wednesday, the Bishop of Rome, the Pope, generally takes part in a remorseful succession from the Church of Saint Anselm to the Basilica of Santa Sabina. Here according to the tradition in Italy and some other countries ashes  placed on his head, not blemished on the forehead. Then the Pop sprinkles ashes on others’ heads in the same manner.

In Catholic tradition adults must observe fast on the Ash Wednesday, they eat only one large meal or can eat two small meals. The meals must not consist of any meat. Indeed the 14 and older Catholics must not eat meat on every Friday from the Ash Wednesday to the Good Friday. According to the Lent as a time of fasting, many Catholics selects to give something up or changed innate habit during the Lent period of 40 days. Church also appreciates faithful to give more time to charity and prayer before celebrating Easter.

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