Awesome Chinese New Year Nail Art Designs 2017, Latest and Unique

Searching for Chinese New Year Nail Art designs for 2017? You are at the right place we are providing you the latest and unique Chinese New Year Nail Art designs with the beautiful Chinese theme. Try these design to enjoy the Chinese New Year with more fun and elegance showing your love towards the event. Here you can find the best ideas to make beautiful nail designs on your hands through the HD Images of Chinese New Year Nail Art.

The annual celebration of Chinese New Year comes in different dates not like the Julian or Gregorian calendar. Chinese celebrate New Year by the lunar calendar’s first day of the new moon. Every year Chinese New Year Animals and date is different according to the cycle of 12 months. The event includes many Chinese New Year Celebrations like decorations for the New Year, special Chinese new year food. Also greetings, wishes, fireworks, clothes making and many others. But most fantastic among all Chinese New Year Activities for females is the Chinese New Year Nail Art designing.

We are providing you some different and unique style for Chinese New Year Nail Art 2017. As the Chinese New Year is coming close, so use these lovely nail designs to celebrate the great worldwide event. Get help through the provided Images to get the better ideas. You can also do variations with these designs to give them more appealing look.

The Nails play a vital role in completing our whole personality, and if you don’t make beautiful designs on them, then you will feel something incomplete. And especially on the Chinese New Year, you can never miss a perfect Chinese New Year Nail Art design. On both of your hands and also toes. So join us in this article to do so and to make your personality more charming with awesome designs on your nails. Nail Art Designs are essential and become a part of fashion to complete your perfect look.

Mostly females use Nail Designs for specific functions or occasions, and some of them make designs on nails to look different, fashionable and stylish. No matter what is your purpose fashion or event celebration you can surely use the Chinese New Year Nail Art designs for any purpose. We have collected these Images of nail designs for your ease and help and to celebrate Chinese New Year party or Fabulous Parade with more enjoyment and fun.

Not only the Chinese New Year Nail Art Images, but we are also guiding you how to apply these nail designs on your nails by step by step methods. With our guidance, you can easily and quickly make these elegant designs on your nails to complete your personality on the Chinese New Year’s Day. So let’s have a look on the best Chinese New Year Nail Art Designs and select your favorite one for the event’s celebration.

Chinese New Year Nail Art Designs

Rooster Chinese New Year Nail Art Design

Rooster Chinese New Year Nail Art Design

2017 is the Chinese Year of the Rooster, so it’s a fantastic design for the coming Rooster Year. You need red white and gray colors nail paints or nail gels. On two of your finger make a gray base and with the remaining fingers and thumb make a white base. Now on the gray base make Rooster with red color and on the other make check using the same red nail paint, and you have done!

Chinese New Year Nail Art Design with Clock


A fantastic nail art with happy New Year and clock. To make this design on your nails first make the base with light gold and use black nail paint to make a clock and other models. You can make Chinese New Year balls also.

3D Chinese New Year Nail Art Design

3D Chinese New Year Nail Art Design

Make a 3D art on your nails with beads and small nail roses. To make this design you need gold rush nail glitter, gold beads, flowers in red and gold and red nail paint. Coat the red nail color base on four of your nails and the remaining one make gold glitter base. On your red nail make designs with glitter and stick beads and roses in gold color. Now on the nail with glitter base paste a red color rose and red beads and that’s it.

Red and Black Chinese New Year Nail Art Design


Make the base with red, now on tip use black color nail paint and then make beautiful flowers and chines symbols with white, pink and gold rush nail colors.

Gold Rush Awesome Chinese New Year Nail Art Design


You need the gold rush and light brown nail color, black, brown and gold beads. Use gold rush to make the base and brown nail color to make flowers and stick the beads in a beautiful style.

Gold Rush with Red Chinese New Year Nail Art Design


Coat red nail paint for base and highlight with gold rush using thin nail paint brush and also make Chinese symbols with the gold rush and enjoy the Chinese New Year with a glamorous look.

Beads and Red Rooster Chinese New Year Nail Art Design


A straightforward and beautiful design you make it very fast just go red base on all of your nails. On the ring fingers of both, your hand goes red rooster and flowers and on small finger stick the beads and go for a Chinese New Year Party having a whole personality.

Inspiring Fall Chinese New Year Nail Art Design


Give your nails a fall look by making this beautiful design use yellow base and black glitter on nail tips and make Chinese symbols with red nail paint.

Colorful Chinese New Year Nail Art Design


The interesting idea with beautiful flowers to decorate your nails on the coming Chinese New Year. Choose dull gold glitter for the base. Make flowers with your favorites colors and you have prepared for the event.

Very Simple and Easy New Year Nail Art Design


If you are a busy person and don’t have enough time. Then try this very simple, quick and easy design which surely will give your nails an unusual look. To apply this design make the gold rush base. And then make nail tips with blooming red color using regular nail paint brush.







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