Beautiful and Amazing DIY and Printable Holi Card Ideas 2017

Cards add festivity touch to greetings and also offer a fabulous form of sending love in the style of colors. Same the Holi Cards offer they add more beauty to the event making the people happy on the day. To send Cards to your loved ones, family and friends on the upcoming Holi 2017 explore our Holi Card Ideas. We are also providing you Printable Holi Cards; you can just print them to send to loved ones.

Holi is the event of spreading happiness and joy by making the relationships more vigorous and beautiful. It bridges all the social gaps between on and other and makes people closer to each other on the Holi day. And the Holi Cards are unique Holi Gifts to present to your friends, relationships, and loved ones.

Holi, the festival of colors, is a worldwide event celebrated by the Hindus every year across the world. In the present days, not only Hindus but almost all the people celebrate the Holi Festival in all over the world. Holi Festival Celebrations include sending Special Quotes on Holi, special Holi Cards and Heart touching Holi Greetings and Wishes to each other.

People also share Wallpapers and Images of Holi with each other and use these images to set as the background of their devices. They also update their social media status with the Images of Holi Festival. People dance, throw colors on each other on the Holi Day and arrange special Holi Foods and Appetizers to enjoy the day with a lot of fun and taste.

You can share your heartfelt emotions with your loved ones by sending them fabulous Holi Cards to make them happy. Also, receiving beautiful cards from others always brings a smile on our face. Becoming aware of these emotional needs of people we have arranged innovative Holi Cards Ideas that you can send across greetings of the Holi Festival.

The greeting is a feat of communication which makes your presence to other people showing attention and suggesting the type of relationship in your life. We are showing the best, fresh and latest collection of DIY and Printable Holi Cards for your help and ease. You can free download your favorite one from the printable cards to print or from DIY cards collection to make your Holi Card for someone special. For DIY we are also providing you the HD Images of them for better understanding you can also do some changes to make them more beautiful. So go through and decide what you want.

DIY Holi Card Ideas:

1.     Bonfire Holi Card:

Bonfire Holi Card

To make this Holi Bonfire card, you need yellow, green and red papers and a brown paper card. Take a white paper card for the base then make fire flame with yellow and red papers by quilling them and paste on the base. Now cut thin strips of brown paper card to make wood sticks and paste down the flames. Now write Happy Holi in beautiful writing style, and that’s it.

2.     Very Simple and Easy Holi Card:

Very Simple and Easy Holi Card

You need a white paper card for base watercolors, and red marker color to make this simple card. On the white base make color splashes with water colors and highlight with the red marker color and write Holi in beautiful style.

3.     Happy Holi Card:

Happy Holi Card

It is also very easy and simple to make; you need white and red paper cards, marker colors and a beautiful lace. Make a base with red paper and paste white paper on the base, and make beautiful flowers on it. Highlight it with lace write happy holi.

4.     Beautiful Holi Card:

holi cards

Take paper cards in different colors and cut hand shapes with them, circles and Pichkari with them. On the base, paper glue them beautifully, and that’s it.

5.     Pichkari Holi Card:

pichkari card

Take the white paper card and cut in the shape of Pichkari now make balloons using different marker colors and you have done. Now write some Holi Wish or Quote on it in beautiful writing style.

6.     Paper Quilling Holi Card:

Paper Quilling Holi Card

On the white paper card, paste beautiful paper quilling flowers with different colors of paper and highlight with beautiful lace or dotted paper and write happy holi on it.

7.     Color splash Holi Card:

color splash

Bring watercolors to make color splashes on the white paper card and highlight from the center with different marker colors. Make Pichkari and write Happy Holi.

8.     Purple Holi Card:

purple holi card

This is exquisite and easy to make a card you need purple paper card for base and pink, green and yellow papers to make flowers. On the base, card paste beautiful paper flowers, and that’s it.

Printable Holi Cards:

Printable Holi Cards 1

Printable Holi Cards 3

Holi Wishes


Printable Holi Card Ideas




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