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Christmas Day is a festival memorializing and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is an annual festival observing on 25 December, billions of people from around the world celebrate the festival as a religious and cultural celebration.

By the Advent or Nativity Fast season, people prepare a feast in significance to the Christian Liturgical Year. In the west historically it mostly lasts Twelve Days and ends on Twelfth Night. But in some customs, Christmastide also consists of an Octave. In most of the World’s Nations, Christmas Day is a Public holiday and is an important part of Holiday Season. A huge number of non-Christians also celebrate the Day traditionally, and some of the Christian groups deny the celebration.

Christmas Eve is celebrated on 24 December in many countries and it has main focus than 25 December. On Christmas Eve people share tradition meal with their family and gift-giving is also an integral part of the celebration.

Who celebrates Christmas?

Mostly Christmas Day is considered the Day of Christians but many non-Christians also celebrate Christmas Day. Christians admit that Jesus Christ is the Light of the World, and from that time they consider that was the proper time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Not only Christians celebrate the festival there are a large number of people from around the world who celebrate Christmas Day. In the United States of America, almost Eight out of Ten non-Christians celebrate Christmas Day. About 96% Christians in the US celebrate Christmas. According to new research, 81% of US various group of non-Christians celebrate Christmas inspired by the large acceptance of Christmas holiday. Pew Research Survey 2012, shows 73% Hindus and 76% Buddhists celebrate Christmas. As stated by news reports also the American Muslims Celebrate Christmas with both Cultural and religious aspects.

The countries that don’t admit Christmas as Public Holiday

Many countries don’t perceive Christmas on 25 December or 7 January as a Public Holiday, the countries are:

Saudi Arabia, North Sentinel, North Korea, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Algeria, Mauritania, Libya, Tajikistan, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Uzbekistan, Bhutan, Turkmenistan, and Tunisia don’t admit Christmas as Public Holiday.

United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Comoros, China, Israel, Iran, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Maldives, Japan, Cambodia, Morocco, Vietnam, Oman, Kuwait, Mongolia, Pakistan, Laos, Turkey, and   Qatar don’t admit Christmas as Public Holiday but Holiday is given as and observance.

In Taiwan 25 December is a Constitution Day and no official holiday is observed by the government. The Day is not termed as Christmas.

In Pakistan 25 December is a Public Holiday for the birthday of the founder of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, but not termed for Christmas.

Christmas Day Celebrations and Traditions

Christmas is celebrated as Jesus Christ’s birth on 25 December all around the world also in the US. The Day is mixed with traditions from winter celebrations by pre-Christian. Christmas Day Celebrations, traditions and also Christmas Activities change from country to country but mostly it includes Famous Christmas Quotes and Sayings, preparing a wonderful Christmas CardChristmas or X-Mass trees, Home Decorations, Gift-giving, the incredible Christmas Nail Art,  Family and friends gatherings, Christmas Feasting, Christmas Speech for welcome.

Christmas Day Parades are also organized all around the world including Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade, Hollywood Christmas Parade, Christmas Parade Chicago, Christmas Parade New York, and Disneyland Christmas Parade. Some other Christmas Day traditions may include, Advent wreaths, Christmas Carols, Candy Canes, and Santa Claus, also exchanging Christmas Cards among loved ones using Christmas Greeting Messages, Christmas Fasting, Christmas Eve. People also set HD Christmas Wallpapers and Images on their desktop and mobiles as background.

The incredible Christmas Celebration completes with amazing Christmas Fireworks Display around the world.

Beginning of Advent Celebration

The Christians begin Advent celebrations from the nearest Sunday of November 30. Advent is mostly known as the leading up period for Christmas. Advent is celebrated by lighting candles for every Sunday. Several Christians retain Advent Calendars in their homes. Christians sing Christmas Carols to explain the Christmas Story.

Different Days and Dates of Christmas Celebrations

Especially Orthodox Churches use different Dates for their religious celebrations. In Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Jerusalem and many other countries they use Old Julian Calendar and celebrate Christmas on 7 January.

Orthodox Churches in Greek celebrate Christmas on 25 December. But some Catholics in Greek celebrate Christmas on 7 January following the Old Julian Calendar.

Apostolic Church in Armenia Celebrates Christmas on 6 January.

12 Days of Christmas

Traditionally Christmas celebrations start after Advent. Christmas feast on 25 December is the start of Christmas celebrations and last for 12 Days, and these days are known as The 12 Days of Christmas which finishes on 5 January Evening generally known as Twelfth Night. These 12 Days of Christmas are always full of fun and feasting.

On 6 January following the Twelfth Night is Epiphany, the day when people commemorate the Wise Men who visited Jesus also known as Three Kings.

End of Christmas- The Candlemas

Candlemas is the end of Christmas which comes after 40 days of Christmas on 2 February. It comes after Christmas and season of Epiphany. Also known as Presentation of Jesus at the Temple or Feast of Purification of the Virgin, and the Christian commemorate the time when Mary and Joseph took the baby Jesus to the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem to give thanks to God for giving them a son. Candlemas is very important in some Catholic and Orthodox churches. It’s a time of celebrating prophecies about Jesus in many Catholic churches.

An all-night observance adheres the night before Candlemas in many Orthodox churches. Morning time churchman distributes the blessed candles among people.

Christmas Day in the USA

Christmas Day in the USA is observed on 25 December every year. In the United States of America, Christmas Day is a public holiday . Festive season starts in the USA traditionally on the fourth Thursday of November, the Thanksgiving Day. Smiling Santa Claus’ arrival at the ending of Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade indicates about the coming Christmas and shopping related to Christmas. Everywhere Shopping malls, Department Stores, all small and big shops are full of Christmas accessories such as Gifts, Christmas Trees, Cards, and much more.

Christmas Day in the UK

In the United Kingdom also Christmas Day is celebrated on 25 December every year. Christmas is traditionally a celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth in the UK. This is the time for receiving and giving gifts among loved ones and also preparations of special festive meals for each other.

Christmas Day in Canada

Christmas Day in Canada is observed on 25 December each year. On Christmas Canadian usually exchange gifts among each other and they also enjoy festive meals. In Canada, there are different ways of Christmas celebrations. In simple it is drawn from British, French and American traditions. The Day has become Biggest Annual Celebration since the starting of 20th Century.

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