5 Wonderful and Inexpensive Christmas Gift-Giving Ideas

Christmas Gift-Giving is the main and foremost activity of Christmas Day. The tradition of Christmas Gift-Giving and Receiving’s  main reason  is reminding us the presents for Jesus from the Wise Men. The gifts were Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold. And the Frankincense was perfume which is used in Jewish worship and also as the gift, showing the other people that they would worship Jesus. So the custom of Christmas Gift-Giving started from that time.

As related to the biblical story the gifts were not given in winter. Actually, the winter Gift-Giving is an ancient custom. It can also be imitated to winter prominence celebrations before Jesus birth happened. Ancient Saturnalia ceremonies were celebrated for seven days, which started on 17 December, believing that the gifts exchange is an indication for coming year’s good fortune for them. Basically, the gifts include simple like candles, wine, lamps, fruits, and nuts, trussed with some holly leaves indicating the return of light during passing the winter. For children, the small gifts like dough-dolls and terra-cotta rings and etc. But with the passage of time the gifts became more detailed and embellished.

During the 4th century, 25 December was assigned as the day to remember Christ Jesus’ Birth and the Saturnalia began to fade and the custom of Christmas Gift-Giving also started. No doubt in present days the tradition and dates of Gift-Giving  vary from country to country, but the Christmas Day’s celebration around the world with Christmas Gift-Giving  and receiving.

Mostly a wonderful Christmas Party is organized for Gift-Giving among family, friends, and loved ones. Christmas shopping starts just after the Thanksgiving Day in the US, UK, and many other countries. Many Christmas Activities are involved in the Celebration of the great event, including Christmas Home Decoration, wonderful Christmas Cards making or purchasing. People mostly share famous Christmas Quotes and Sayings among each other to spread the love and affection. And also preparing Welcome Speech for Christmas Program.

It is a trend these days to set HD Wallpapers and Images on desktop and mobile as background according to the event, and same is with Christmas Day. People also watch famous Christmas Parades worldwide. And no doubt the great Celebration of Christmas completes with a marvelous Christmas Fireworks Display from around the world.

Females make incredible Christmas Nail Art to celebrate the event uniquely and to give their gorgeous personality a compelling look. Among all other Christmas Activities, Christmas Gift-Giving is the most important activity to do before the arrival of Christmas Day. To do so Christmas shopping plays a vital role to perform the traditional and religious task, and children love this activity so much.

Mostly Christmas Gift-Giving involves so much stress for people during the holiday season. Because it’s a tough task to find perfect for everyone within normal budget. A number of people save money for Christmas Gift-Giving or exchange. They buy a gift for one person only, rather than the whole family to keep their budget normal.

We are providing 5 wonderful and creative Christmas Gift-Giving Ideas to release your stress. Our Ideas will make your party outstanding in people’s memories for years later, keeping your budget in a normal range. So follow any one of the wonderful themes to give this year’s festivities a different seasoning.

Christmas Gift-Giving Christmas gift-giving for all family

White Elephant Christmas Gift-Giving

This is the most attractive and famous type for Christmas Gift-Giving or exchange. Mostly the white elephant gifts are made to frivolous or unique and different gifts, so you can give these to anyone at your Christmas gift exchange party.


Left or Right Christmas Gift-Giving

This is an awesome idea to make your party more surprising and a fun. Play a game with your guests. Wrap all the gifts in same packing-papers with no names. Ask one of your guests to write a fun story containing the words “Left” and “Right” in many instances. Read the story aloud and every time with the words “Left” and “Right” exchange the gifts accordingly and every time one person will get a gift. And when the story is finished the remaining gift is yours.

Go Handmade with DIY Christmas Gift-Giving


Make handmade gifts for everyone or you can also purchase handmade gifts from some local artisan in a normal budget. Now wrap all the gifts in same papers and write the name of recipients on them along a wonderful Christmas Greeting Message.

Gift with First Letter of Name


Make a list of your guests with their name to implement this unique and simple Christmas Gift-Giving Idea. Purchase gifts according to the first letter of the name of your guests and ask them to collect the gift according to their name while playing a game on your Christmas party.

Christmas Gift-Giving with Ornament Exchange


Buy some Christmas ornaments or make yourself to please your guests on the event. To get into the Christmas themed spirit this year, try this idea and please your guests. Choose some special or in-style ornaments to reflect the event’s celebration.





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