42 Great Christmas Greeting Messages for All

Hey, Guys! What about Christmas preparations? Preparing wonderful Christmas Cards for friends, family or loved ones? Write our elegant Christmas Greeting Messages and drizzle your loved ones with the real wishes of Christmas to show your care towards them.  And make Christmas cards more meaningful and beautiful with our  Christmas Greeting Messages.

We know Christmas Day is celebrated every year on 25 December memorializing the birth of Jesus Christ. Billions of  non-Christians celebrate the event around the world.Christmas  is very popular around the world and especially in the USA. Christmas Fireworks are displayed around the world in the 12 Days of celebration.  Gifts-Giving is the main activity of Christmas kids enjoy and like it very much. Females enjoy the event with beautiful Christmas Nail Art Designs to celebrate it in a unique way. You will also have a great fun watching the Disney’s Christmas Parade live or on-air on ABC.

People also share Famous Christmas Quotes and Saying among each other to spread love and pleasure and also prepare Welcome Speech for Christmas Program across the globe. The event of Christmas lasts for 12 Day and ends on the Twelfth Night. In the 12 Days of Christmas people celebrate and enjoy a lot they also share Traditional Meal on the 24 December known as Christmas Eve.

You can do a lot of things to this year’s Christmas more pleasant and wonderful see our Christmas Activities for Families and also Celebration Ideas. Christmas Cards making is the best thing to do on the event to plan a wonderful surprise for your loved ones. You can also use a wonderful HD Christmas Wallpaper or Image to design a Christmas Card.  We have collected unique and beautiful  Christmas Greeting Messages for your ease. Surely you will grab a list of your favorite  Christmas Greeting Messages to design the best Cards for your loved ones. You can also send these Christmas Greeting Messages to your friends, family and loved ones via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Wechat and etc.

So take some time out of your busy life and let’s start sharing the fantastic Christmas Greeting Messages according to your wish and plan.

an-elegant Christmas Greeting Messages

Top 20 Christmas Greeting Messages for Family

Here are 20 best Christmas Greeting Messages for your loving Family choose that you find more suitable for your family.

  1. Garrison Keillor – “A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together.”

  2. Charlotte Carpenter – Remember, if Christmas isn’t found in your heart, you won’t find it under a tree.”

  3. Andy Rooney – “One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly”.

  4. Peg Bracken – “Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.”

  5. Hamilton Wright Mabie – “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!”

  6. T. Ellis – “It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.”

  7. “Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.”

  8. “I am hoping for snow this Christmas so we can spend the day cuddled inside with mugs of hot cocoa and love in our hearts. Don’t forget to bring the marshmallows”.

  9. “Christmas is a special time of the year, and my wish is that you feel all of the love and joy of the holiday season deep inside your heart, I know you make me feel the same way”.

  10. “I see the spirit of Christmas around me wherever I go, I hope you are able to feel the spirit inside you as well as it brings me great joy”.

  11. “Wishing all my family members peace and love this holiday season. May you feel the joy in your home that you bring to me”.

  12. “What can be better than opening presents, eating food and singing Christmas music? Doing all those things with a family like you”.


  13. “May this Christmas bring more happy memories and joy to you and your family. I can’t wait to share the day with you and our loved ones”.

  14. “The best present one can hope for this year is to spend time together. I can’t wait to celebrate the holidays with you”.

  15. “Merry Christmas to my wonderful friend. I hope Santa brings you all the gifts and goodies you have been wanting”.

  16. “Joy and love are all around us during the holidays and I want to spread them to you, my friend. Merry Christmas”.

  17. “My Christmas wish for you is that you feel the glow and sparkle of the holiday season throughout the year to come”.

  18. I love this time of year because I can use it as an excuse to tell you, and show you, how much I really care about you. Merry Christmas, and thank you for being you; you mean the world to me.

  19. “Here’s to good friends, a loving family, and laughter during this Christmas season! Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year”!

  20. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas;

Soon the bells will start,

And the thing that will make them ring

Is the carol that you sing?

Right within your heart.”

15 Best Christmas Greeting Messages for Friends

Plan an exciting plan for your friends for this year’s Christmas and create wonderful Christmas Cards for them by using these top 15 Christmas Greeting Messages. Or share these Christmas Greeting Messages via SMS, Email, WhatsApp or etc.

  1. Norman Vincent Peale – “Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful”.

  2. “I wrote a letter to Santa and told him to bring you everything you wanted for Christmas, so hopefully he will answer and make all your dreams come true”.

  3. “Let us keep Christmas beautiful without a thought of greed, that it might live forevermore to fill our every need, that it shall not be just a day, but last a lifetime through, the miracle of Christmas time that brings God close to you”.

  4. “This is the season of being together. It’s a time of hope and new beginnings. With this card, I’m wishing you love and peace during Christmas”.

  5. “It was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May that be truly said of us, and all of us! And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God Bless Us, Every One”!

  6. “I’m wishing you blessings and joy this Christmas. I am so happy to call you a member of my family and I cherish spending time with you”.

  7. “With greetings of peace and prosperity, I’m wishing the very best for you during this special time. May you enjoy all the best now and throughout the coming year”.

  8. “Wishing all my family members peace and love this holiday season. May you feel the joy in your home that you bring to me”.


  9. “Christmas is the most magical time of year. Let’s share the magic with each other this entire season and in the new year”.

  10. “I love Christmas, not just because of the presents but because of all the decorations and lights and the warmth of the season”.

  11. “Mail your packages early so the post office can lose them in time for Christmas”.

  12. “Christmas is the time to give gifts to your family and let them know how much you care about them, so that’s what I’m doing”.

  13. “The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live”.

  14. “And know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time”.

  15. “It is a fine seasoning for joy to think of those we love”.


Awesome Christmas Greeting Messages for Lovers

we have an awesome collection of Christmas Greeting Messages for Lovers. Give a surprise to boyfriend or girlfriend and make wonderful Christmas Cards for your loved ones using the best Christmas Greeting Messages.

  1. “Being with you feels the same as having Christmas every day of the year. Thank you for making my life magical”.

  2. “I can’t wait to spend Christmas with you. It’s the gift I have been asking Santa for all year”.

  3. “Merry Christmas, my love. I hope you love the gifts I have for you, and I can’t want to see the smile on your face”.

  4. “I can’t wait to spend the holidays wrapped up in your arms. You always make me feel the wonders of Christmas”.

  5. “The only thing more wonderful than Christmas morning is the feeling that I get knowing that you are next to me. Merry Christmas, baby”.

  6. “Something about this holiday season makes me think about all the joy you have shown me throughout the year. I love you”.

  7. “Though the miles may separate us, I want you to know you are deep in my heart this holiday season. The love I have for you has no limits”.






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