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Christmas Day is a celebration of Christ Jesus’ Birth. The Day is celebrated on 25 December every year all around the world. In most of the countries Christmas is a public holiday but in some countries, Christmas Day is not recognized as Public Holiday. Christmas is mostly associated with Christians but in addition to your information, many non-Christians also celebrate the event with great pomp and show . Disney Christmas Parade is also very famous for this event.

The event of Christmas is very popular around the world, and mostly Christmas shopping also season starts just after the Thanksgiving Day. In Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade’s finishing the arrival of Santa Clause is the indication of coming Christmas. People do a lot of shopping for the event, they also prepare Speech for Christmas among all Christmas Activities the main activity is Gifts-Giving and giving Christmas Greeting Cards on the event. People also send Christmas Greeting Message to friends, family and loved ones to share love and happiness with each other.

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Among all other Christmas activities, the best idea is to watch the fabulous Disney Christmas Parade, consisting of six sections and Christmas Fireworks Display also. You can also watch the Disney Christmas Parade live or by an on-air transmission on ABC Television channel.

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The Fabulous Disney Christmas Parade

The wonderful Disney’s Christmas Parade started on 25 December 1983. Since 1983 the parade has been on-aired every year except 1989 and 2000. Disney Christmas Parade is an American Television Special Parade, and it is transmitted every year on ABC (American Broadcasting Company) channel. The parade is basically taped inside Magic Kingdom theme Park at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Orlando approximately one month before Christmas Day.

elegant Disney Chrsitmas Parade

Outstanding Award for Disney Christmas Parade

The parade is an amazing thing to watch and enjoy on Christmas Day. Disney Christmas Parade also won Daytime Emmy Award for its Outstanding Special Class in its 2005 edition.

Disney Christmas Parade has been programmed in Canada by CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) Television for many years.

Past Shows of Disney Christmas Parade

In the past shows of Disney’s parade in other Disney theme parks, segments were also included in Orlando, Anaheim, Florida, California, and around the world. A night-time version of Parade was also shown in 1999 on the Christmas Day. From the 1990s the parade is also known as Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Day Parade (WDWVMCP).

Characters of Disney Christmas Parade

The parade features Disney Characters which includes Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Scrooge, Goofy, Daisy Duck, McDuck, Chip ‘n Dale, and Pluto. The fabulous Disney Christmas parade holds on Main Street USA with floats featuring Musical Performances, Celebrities, Marching Bands, and some other productions. And the parade ends with the appearance of Santa Claus.

Disney Christmas Parade characters

Magical Snow in Disney Christmas Parade

The parade also features a magical Disney Snow which is not real, but it adds more beauty to the celebration. This parade starts in Frontier land rather than on Main Street USA. Disney Christmas Parade’s spectacular Tree also seems to touch the sky decorated with amazing big toys displayed at its base. It’s a fabulous sight to see and enjoy.

Six Sections of Disney Christmas Parade

The fantastic Parade consists of six sections including:


Christmas Opening:

This section Shows Mrs. Santa culling letters in Santa’s Mailroom.

Winter Wonderland:

Includes the Mickey and Minnie with a romantic skate on frozen pound with shiny white snowed trees.



The Candy Shop:

Showing the Gingerbread House with Max and Goofy.

Candlelight Christmas Ball:

This unit shows the Disney Royal Couples.

Santa’s Toy Factory:

Parade’s this section displays toys from the toy story playing around.


The Disney Christmas Parade finally ends with Santa Claus.


There are almost 105 artists, also including the dancers.

Now, what is your plan? Are going to enjoy the famous Disney Christmas Parade on this year’s Christmas? If yes, then pack your things right now to have a lot of fun there!

Merry Christmas!






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