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Holi is an ancient festival of colors, History of Holi is timeworn. Hindus around the world celebrate the Holi festival with much fun. Holi originated from India by Hindus, and later it spread all over the globe.

Holi festival originally was a spring festival celebrated for good harvest and fruitfulness of the agricultural land. Millions of people around the world and especially in India participate in this festival every year. Here we are telling you the brief History of Holi associated with various legends. We are also providing you the HD Images of Holi Festival History for your ease and better understanding.

Brief History of Holi:

Holi is a festival of starting spring and to say farewell to the winter season. In some areas, Holi celebration associated with the harvest of the spring season. Farmers celebrate Holi for the happiness when they see stores refilled with the arrival of new crops. That’s why Vasant Mahotsava and Kama Mahotsava are other names of Holi.

Spring season is a very colorful season that’s Hindus consider that Holi symbolizes the colors and ebullience of the spring season. They offer adieu to winter season to welcome the fascinating spring, the season which is not only pleasant to feel but also the season of harvest and blossom. Holi, the festival of colors, also symbolizes the liveliness and inventiveness of nature, lavished with delicate beauty. Several legends are associated with Holi Festival.

Holi is a special time when nature and humanity alike throw the colors and gloom of winter and become triumphal in the liveliness and beautiful colors of spring. The Holi festival also memorializes different events in Hinduism, but for most of them, it gives an extraordinary opportunity to them to contempt social standards, busy in celebration and enjoyment.

History of Holi Associated with King Hiranyakashipu:

Brief History of Holi 2

In ancient India, a king Hiranyakashipu, like a vampire, his younger brother killed by King Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu wanted to counterblow for the murder of his brother. To do so he needed power, and he prayed for years to gain power. Finally, God blessed him with the boon, and Hiranyakashipu started thinking himself, God. He ordered people to worship him as God. He became very cruel king, his son Prahalad denied worshiping him being a great devotee of King Vishnu. And in the cruelty the king Hiranyakashipu decided to kill his son.

The king asked his sister named Holika, to sit on a bonfire taking Prahalad in her lap, as she was immune to fire. They both plan to burn Prahalad, but all in vein. Prahalad was reciting the name of king Vishnu during all the time, so he was safe, but the evil Holika burnt to ashes. So Holika’s defeat signifies burning of all bad. After this Hiranyakashipu was killed by King Vishnu. But the death of Holika connected with Holi, which remembered as the death of evil and bad.

Brief History of Holi

Holi also known as Holika, and later the colors also become a part of Holi as king Krishna, the reincarnation of King Vishnu used to celebrate the event with colors. He used to play caper with his friends in the village, and slowly it became a community event.

History of Holi Associated with King Shiva:

History of Holi Associated with King Shiva

Holi Celebrations also associated with one of the major Hindu Gods named King Shiva, known for his contemplative nature. King Shiva spent many hours in aloneness and deep contemplation. The God of love called Madana appeared in the form of beautiful fairy to test his resolve but was recognized by Shiva. Shiva becomes furious, and in his extreme anger he shot out the fire on his third eye. So sometimes this is known as the basis of Holi bonfire.

King Shiva

History of Holi Associated with King Krishna:

History of Holi Associated with King Krishna

The Holi Festival also related to everlasting love between King Krishna and Radha. According to this history of Holi Krishna complained to Yashoda his mother, that why Radha is very fair and he is very dark? His mother asked him to apply color on Radha’s face to see the change in her complexion. That’s why the festival of Holi is celebrated closely associated with Krishna in Mathura and Vrindavan.

History of Holi Associated with King Krishna 2

Followers of Krishna everywhere find the particular meanings in the cheerful festival, as general jest recognized to be in an impersonation of Krishna’s play with his lover.

No matter for which legend you’re followers, but the Holi is a festival of great happiness and excitement. And an excellent opportunity to bridge all the social gaps between each other and to come closer to have a great fun in life.

It’s a time to Celebrate Holi together with fun and enthusiasm and to wish each other with special Holi Quotes, giving each other Surprising Holi Gifts. Holi is a time to share happiness and love with each other.

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