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Labor day in the US is celebrated on September’s first Monday every year. This year the Labor Day is coming on 4 September 2017. Labor is a public holiday of USA observed on September’s first Monday. The Labor Day being celebrated every September usually indicating the ending the summer time. The Labor holiday is known as Monday of a long weekend, or the Labor Day’s Weekend. Labor Day is a public holiday.

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The history of Labor Day in the US:

Labor Day in the US

The Labor Day observed on September’s first Monday , the Labor Day if actually celebrated to pay tribute to the contribution and achievements of  American workers. Labor Day created by Labor Movement in 19 century and later in 1894 it became a federal public holiday. For the first time, the holiday for Labor Day observed in New York City on September 5,Tuesday, in 1882. It  celebrated in according to plans of Central Labor Union. The second holiday for Labor Day  held just a year after CLU, in 1883 on September 5.

First Monday of September in 1884 finalized as a holiday and the CLU adopted the same managements in more cities to chase New York’s example and to celebrate workingmen’s holiday. As the Labor organizations grew the idea also spread, Labor Day celebrated in a lot of industrial means of the USA in 1885.

First State Declaring the Labor Day in the US as a Holiday

The first state who declared it a holiday was Oregon it declared the day as a holiday in 1887, then the states like New York, Massachusetts, and Colorado also followed the suit soon. Under Grover Cleveland, the President , and also the growing awareness of the labor movement, September’s first Monday became a holiday in 1896.

In the first motion for Labor Day’s holiday, the form outlined that the observance and Labor Day’s celebration should take, to show the public street parade, the courage, and spirit de products of  labor managements and the exchange of the society, following a celebrating event for the enjoyment and entertainment of the labors and families. This form became a pattern for celebrations of the Labor Day. Later, some conspicuous males and females also introduced speeches in which emphasis kept on a financial and civil connotation for holiday. Now the nation of USA celebrates the Labor Day with a little pomp than the end of 19th century.

Activities for Labor Day in the US

Parades, athletic events, and community picnics also organized in some cities. Politicians also commence political campaigns they hold rallies on this day. The Labor Day also considered as ending the summer season. On the Labor Day beaches and resorts are full of people who came to enjoy the Labor Day holidays.

Many cities and states of USA organize a festival on the long weekend of Labor Day. These festival involve some water sports, American football etc. NFL holds first games on the Labor Day’s weekend, college football also starts on the same weekend.


People of America celebrate this day by organizing parties and get to gather of families, friends and loved ones they move to the picnic parks, highways, and famous restaurants celebrating the Labor Day they also say goodbye to the summer season.

In the Virginia, the state of US, industry of amusement park has strongly promoted for the law of government. Compelling many districts of the state school to on school’s first day following Labor Day. And to allow the families some other weekend to stop at the amusement parks in the whole state. The related law labeled as “Kings Dominion”.

Sports on Labor Day in the US

Football games on Labor Day in US

Labor Day’s weekend indicates the starting of a lot of many season sports. NCAA teams mostly play  first games. NFL also plays traditionally the Kickoff Game on the Thursday associated with Labor Day. On Labor Day’s Weekend Southern NASCAR automobile race also held at the Darlington Raceway. NHRA conduct finals of NHRA US Nationals race at the Indianapolis Park on the Labor Day’s weekend. Between US Open Tennis Championships’ weeks, 1 and 2 the center point is Labor Day, the championship conducted in New York, Flushing Meadows.




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