Explore the World’s Famous Christmas Fireworks Display

Like all other events, Christmas also doesn’t complete without Christmas Fireworks. Christmas is a popular event around the world. Millions of non-Christians also celebrate Christmas every year on 25 December. In some countries, Christmas is not recognized as a public holiday but in most of the countries worldwide, Christmas is observed as a public holiday.

Christmas is actually a celebration of Christ Jesus’s Birth. The day is celebrated with very pomp and show every year around the world. There are many Christmas Activities to celebrate the great event. People do a lot of things on Christmas. Shopping season for Christmas starts just after the Thanksgiving Day. The famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade indicates the arrival of Christmas by presenting Santa Claus at the end of Parade. So the Shopping season for Christmas arrives and people start purchasing numerous things for the great event’s celebration. The main activity of Christmas is Gift-Giving and sharing Christmas Cards. People share many Famous Christmas Quotes and Sayings and also unique and fabulous Christmas Greeting Messages to spread Christmas message and love among each other.

Setting HD Christmas Wallpapers and images on mobiles and desktop’s front screens as a background is also a part of Christmas celebration. People do a lot of things including Christmas Home Decorations, arranging Christmas Party, Welcome Speech for Christmas Program and much more. The great Disney Christmas Parade is also amazing to enjoy the event, you can watch the parade at home on TV or also, be a part of that by joining it on the event. see the awesome Christmas False Nails Ideas to make the event more beautiful.

With all other Christmas Activities, the event will not complete without an outstanding Fireworks Display. To enjoy the pleasure of Christmas Fireworks and to celebrate the event completely you can visit the nearest Christmas Fireworks Display around you. Christmas Fireworks are displayed worldwide on the event but the days for display are different. Christmas Celebration continues for 12 Days and end on the Twelfth Night. Here we are revealing 3 famous Christmas Fireworks Displays from around the world. To explore them all go through the article and set a plan for this year’s Christmas celebration.

1.     Disneyland Christmas Fireworks

Fireworks of Disneyland on the event is one of the world’s Famous Christmas Fireworks Display. Disneyland Park is offering fireworks Display since 1956. That time fireworks were lit by hand but from 1960’s an electronic system was launched. From 2000 Tinker Bell and Dumbo flying were also added. Disneyland also opened the Pyrotechnics System to reduce the noise and pollution of Fireworks in 2004.

disneyland Christmas Fireworks

Christmas Fireworks Disneyland

Disneyland has announced the holiday programming for this year. They also announced a huge Fireworks Display on this Christmas season. To set a plan with your family member and watch these incredible Christmas Fireworks live to join the spot.

2.     Manhattan Beach Christmas Fireworks

 Manhattan Beach Pier is situated at Manhattan Beach Boulevard’s western end. The Christmas/Holiday Festival is held at Pier in December every year. These wonderful Fireworks is sponsored by Skechers for this year’s festival of Christmas Fireworks. The 28th annual Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks Festival will take place on 11 December 2016 at 4 pm and Fireworks will be displayed at 7 pm.




The festival is very popular, here up to 15,000 people can gather at a time to enjoy the moment. It represents one of the most spectacular Fireworks Display on Christmas. So don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine, gloves, and blankets along your family to enjoy the incredible moment.

3.     Southbank Christmas Fireworks

Southbank’s Christmas Fireworks in Brisbane has become forefront from the last few years. This year also in December, Southbank is lighting up the Brisbane for four nights continuously for free.


This is one of the world’s most famous that the whole family wants to be a part of. Here every one of your family members can enjoy a lot. From the smallest to the youngest member will have equal fun and fascination of the breathtaking beauty of the grand festival.

The festival will continue from 20 December to 23 December 2016. This year the grand festival will start a little bit earlier than the previous years, so be fast to catch the moment. Fireworks Display will start on 7:45 pm and will continue for 15 minutes.


Family-Friendly Christmas films at Southbank’s Cinemas will also be a great fun to watch, and later you can enjoy the Fireworks in the front row watching spot. Clem Jones Promenade, is an ideal spot to watch Fireworks display. Or you can enjoy it from anywhere South Brisbane reach of the river, or Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Wilson’s Lookout, Victoria Bridge, Captain Burke Park, City Riverwalk and Eagle Street Pier are the best places to catch the amazing sight of Fireworks. So pack your things including wine bottle, blankets, and gloves along with your family right now!





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