First Day of Valentines Week the “Happy Rose Day”

Happy Rose Day is the first day of Valentine’s Week celebrated on 7 February every year. The Valentines Week ends with the great Valentine’s Day celebrated on 14 February. The whole Valentines Week symbolizes love, millions of people including lovers, friends and family members around the world celebrate Valentines Week.

The event of Happy Rose Day as clear from the name is famous for roses. Lovers around the world buy beautiful roses to give them to their sweetheart. Not only lovers celebrate the event many friends and family members also share roses to show their love and care towards others on the Happy Rose Day.

Happy Rose Day includes many activities like gifts, parties, sharing famous  Happy Rose Day Quotes and Messages and many other things on the day. People share roses and gifts among family, friends and beloved ones.

On Happy Rose Day people share not only roses, they share gifts and greeting cards also with the roses. Roses are the symbol of deep love, emotions, gratitude, affection and much more. Roses are helpful for you to easily express your profound and exact feelings to your loved ones. So on the Happy Rose Day by just presenting Red Roses you can quickly show your deep love and affection to your sweetheart without saying anything.


Start gratifying your lover with delightful surprises that you and lover can admire in your life period on Tuesday 7 February 2017. Create the magic of roses on your sweetheart on this year’s event and make your love story more romantic. Billions of people present roses to their loved ones with a lot of diligence, enthusiasm and intensity all over the globe. They also share HD Images of Happy Rose Day with Quotes with their lover to show their love and enthusiasm.

In all over the world, roses exist in many colors, and each color has unique and different meaning. So being a lover, it’s imperative for you to understand the exact meaning to present the rose to your partner or someone else accordingly and in particular on the Happy Rose Day. Roses are helpful flowers for a lover in disclosing your inner passion and feelings towards someone special in your life. Roses illustrate enthusiasm, affection, and love towards your partner.

Millions of lovers around the globe choose Red Roses to celebrate the Happy Rose Day. So you also go forward and choose the unique and best rose for your sweetheart and never forget to make the Happy Rose Day more memorable for your partner. We are telling you about different color roses and their meanings you can select any accordingly to give your beloved ones.

Happy Rose Day, Rose Colors and their Meanings

Red Rose

Red Roe Happy Rose Day

A red rose signifies the love expressions, and it delivers the inner and deep emotions, and affections of a lover towards the beloved. Some people say 12 Red Roses offer “I LOVE YOU” passion.

 Yellow Rose


The yellow rose represents the beautiful bond of friendship. The yellow color conjures full of warmth sunny emotions. You can give Yellow Rose to your best friend on Happy Rose Day to make your friendship bond stronger.

Lavender Rose


This beautiful rose indicates charm, and it also expresses your love at first sight. The purple roses deliver a feeling of high integrity and fascination.

Pink Rose


The cute and beautiful pink roses signify the emotions of grace, gratitude, admiration, and joy. These flowers come in many kinds.

White Rose


The White color is a sign of innocence and purity same the white rose indicates truth, innocence, and purity. Some people say white flowers start a new stage of life and especially in Catholic weddings brides walk with the hallway holding bunch of white roses in their hands.  Rose

Orange Rose


The glorious orange roses show passion, enthusiasm, and desire. These roses remind us of the blazing item that florets and symbolizes energy. Orange roses are present to show passion, desire, and fervor.

Green Rose


Green color express growth, harmony, peace, tranquility, and fertility. And the green roses indicate the best wishes to begin a new state of life.

Black Rose


The black roses are tough to find, these roses are very rare and show death, sadness, hate and all the negative emotions like this. Presenting black roses to your sweetheart is awful.

Now you can better understand the meaning of different color roses. So select the best rose color to give to your beloved ones on this year’s Happy Rose Day and make the moment memorable. Have a pleasant and cheerful Happy Rose Day on 7 February 2017.

Wish you a very Happy Rose Day in advance!





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