Happy Rose Day Quotes Saying and Messages for Boyfriend, Husband, Wife and for All

The month of February is coming nearer and bring the Valentine’s Week with it. The week for lovers to celebrate with their sweetheart. And Happy Rose Day is the starting day of Valentine’s Week when people shares gifts, quotes, messages, wallpapers and many other things among friends, family, and beloved ones. If you’re also searching for the best Rose Day Quotes, message or SMS to send to your sweetheart then you’re at the right place. We are providing you famous, lovely and best Rose Day Quotes and Messages; you can select that you find more favorite.


Surely you will find the best Rose Day Quotes for your friends, or loved ones. We are also providing you the Rose Day Quotes with HD images. You can also use these Rose Day Quotes to share with your lover or friends.

Happy Rose Day Quotes for Boyfriend

  1. “The best boyfriend, you’re always in my thoughts and my heart. Here’s also to the Happiest Rose day spent with my soul mate. I love you.” Happy Rose Day.!

  2. “A single rose can be my garden a single friend, my world.” Happy Rose day!

  3. “You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. You are accountable for your rose.” Happy Rose Day.!


  4. “Your arms have held me at my weakest, your eyes have seen me at my worst, and your heart has loved me through the darkest of times. I’m so thankful for you and the love we share!” Happy Rose day!

  5. “I am so blissfully happy to have found the perfect man. Just the thought of you makes my heart race and my knees get weak. I’m crazy about you!” Happy Rose day!

  6. “Believe me; you are the one, whom my heart finds, whom my mind reminds me of, whom my destiny wants, whom I love the most.” Happy Rose Day.!!!

  7. “The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.” Happy Rose Day.!

  8. “A rose is a symbol of my love for you. Its petals shine in beauty; its thorn shows its pain.” Happy Rose Day.!

  9. “You are the only one that I want to share Rose day with. Believe me when I say that you are the most important man in my life on this day and always.” Happy Rose Day.!

  10. “My rose is red, your eyes are blue, you love me, and I love you.” Happy Rose Day.!

Happy Rose Day Quotes for Husband

  1. “If A Perfumed Rose Touches Ur Face, If Ur Mobile Dances On A Nice Tone. Remember it’s Me Trying To Say…”

  2. “Love can be expressed in many ways. One way I know is to send it across the Distance to the person who is reading this. Rose Day SMS for important characters.” Happy Rose Day..!!

  3. ‘MORNING Is Lucky Because Sun Is Her. Sky Is Lucky Because It Has Star. Rose Is Lucky Because She Is Beautiful. I Am Lucky Because You Are Mine.” Happy Rose Day..!!

  4. “Believe U R the One Whom My Heart finds whom my mind reminds me of whom my destiny wants whom I love the most.” Happy Rose Day..!!


  5. “A magical friendship rose. You must pass this rose to at least five friends within an hour of receiving it.” Happy Rose Day..!!

  6. “After you do, make a wish, and your fondest romantic wish will come true!” Happy Rose Day..!!

  7. “Sweet as A Rose Bud Bright as A Star Cute as a Kitten, that’s what you Are. Bundles of Joy Sunshine, And Fun U Are Everything, I Love All Rolled Into a Happy Rose Day…!”

Happy Rose Day Quotes for Wife

  1. “My life was very dull without you, but a rose like you who came in my life with lots of colors filled my life with true colors.” Happy rose day!

  2. “Since you came in my life, my home becomes so beautiful; My life is so different with you which I enjoy every day. Yes! My wife, you are my rose for life.” Happy rose day!

  3. “I am lucky to have a companion and a friend like you. Also a rose for my love.” Happy rose day!

  4. “My first love, my partner for life. Happy rose day my pretty wife!” Happy Rose Day.!


  5. “Believe me; you are the one, whom my heart finds, whom my mind reminds me of, whom my destiny wants, whom I love the most.” Happy Rose Day.

  6. “Delicious than the candies, Lovelier than the Red roses, more embrace peak than delicate toys that is what’s you’re here’s wishing you a Rose Day that is as special you’re Happy Rose Day.”

  7. “Stars Are Bright As Bright As Your Eyes

          Apples Are Red as Red as Your Cheeks

Snow Is White as White as Your Teeth

Dew Is Fresh As Fresh As Your Face

Night Is Black as Black as Your Hair

Breeze Is Soft As Soft As Your Voice

Roses Are Pink As Pink As Your Lips”       Happy Rose Day.

  1. “Sweet as a Rose but Bright as A Star, Cute as a Kitten, that’s what you are. Bundles of Joy Sunshine, And Fun U Are Everything, I Love All Rolled Into a Happy Rose Day.”

  2. “Affection is much similar to a wild rose, delightful and quiet, yet eager to attract blood its resistance.” Happy Rose Day.

  3. “A Rose for you for being in my life, Thank you for completing my Life.” Happy Rose Day.

Happy Rose Day Quotes for All

  1. “Rose is not always meant for proposing love it also.

                    R – Rare

O – Ones

S – Supporting

E – Entire Life

Be a rose for someone forever…” Happy Rose Day!


  1. “24Hrs Make A Lovely Day,

7 Days Make a Lovely Week,

52 Weeks Make a Lovely Year & Knowing A

Person Like Me Will Make Your Life Lovely.”      Also Have A Lovely Rose Day N Life!

  1. “With this rose, I reveal all my thoughts and feelings about you that I have withheld for so long. I feel when I am with you. I am like a rose. Not because of its beauty. But because I can bloom and grow with you.” Happy Rose Day!
  2. “I Asked God For A Rose, And He Gave Me A Garden,

And I also Ask God for a Drop of Water, and He Gave Me an Ocean,

Then I Asked God For An Angel, And He Gave Me You!”

  1. “During the day I also keep myself busy and sometimes time passes. But at night, I miss you.” Happy Rose Day!

  2. “There is something about you. Maybe it’s the way you smile. The way you say things. The way you walk, talk breathe. Something about .. Makes me also go crazy over you! I’m so much in love.” Happy Rose Day.!

  3. “This is magical friendship rose; you must pass this rose to at least friends within an hour of receiving it. After you do, make a wish, and your loudest romantic wish will come true.” Happy Rose Day!

  4. “With this rose. I’m not only giving you merely a rose. But, I give you my heart and soul. I also send to you all the love I have to give. And anything else that would give me a chance to touch your heart.” Happy Rose Day!

  5. “The little things you .. mean so much to me. Because of a sweetheart. You are the one who makes such a wonderful difference to my life.” Happy Rose Day!

  6. “Friends are the roses of .. pick them carefully and avoid the thorns!” Happy Rose Day.!

  7. “There may be many flowers in someone’s life, but there is only one rose.” Happy Rose Day.!

  8. “Love is like a rose. When pressed between two lifetimes, it will last forever.” Happy Rose Day.!

  9. “You do but loveliest is the friendship of the two one is me and one is you.” Happy Rose Day!

  10. “Sweeter than the candies lovelier than the red roses more huggable than soft toys that are what you wish you a Rose Day that’s as special as you’re Happy Rose Day.”

  11. “I looked at a sweet, beautiful rose, and then I looked at you, and I kept looking at you, for the rose isn’t as beautiful as you.” Happy Rose Day.!




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