History of Thanksgiving and Stories behind!

Most of the events and holidays have a history or story behind them, likewise, US THANKSGIVING Holiday also has a true story behind this . There is a thrilling true story behind the history of Thanksgiving in the US.  Actually, Thanksgiving is a celebration to thank God for His blessings on us which include, sending Famous Thanksgiving Quotes and sayings, Thanksgiving activities for families ,planning Thanksgiving parties watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade,also arranging Thanksgiving games  Thanksgiving meal,  and Thanksgiving Home Decorations  the best activity of Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving Card Ideas, especial ladies celebrate thanksgiving by making different beautiful Thanksgiving Nail art.

Thanksgiving  a Meaningful Public Holiday

Thanksgiving Holiday in the US is a meaningful public holiday, celebrating on Fourth Thursday in November. Origination of Thanksgiving Day is a harvest festival. After a promulgation by George, Washington, since 1789 the Americans start celebrating Thanksgiving. Since 1863, during the American Civil War, after President Abraham Lincoln’s  announcement a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelled in the Heavens. Americans start celebrating the Day as Federal Holiday every year , on Last Thursday in November. Thanksgiving in the US is a part of broader Holiday Season, together with Christmas and New Year.

Here we are throwing light on the history of THANKSGIVING in the US.



Brief History of Thanksgiving

The actual story of the history of THANKSGIVING started in 1614. A group of English pilgrims reached to England, they brought many Patuxet Indians restrained for slavery. They left after smallpox which gradually eradicated those who had liberated. With the passage of time pilgrims reached in Massachusetts Bay, they found one Patuxet Indian, Squanto named man endured enslavement in England and also learned their language. He debated a peace concordat between Pilgrims and the Wampanoag and also guided them how to grow corn and to fish. When they’re first ended then Pilgrims retained an immense feast in honor of Squanto and Wampanoag.

But as many people knew about it, and it is revealed by the history of thanksgiving,  religious militants known as Puritans start to reach using boat load. When they did not saw any fence around, they thought it to be in the public realm. Then together by the British pilgrims, they snatched land, arresting the young citizens for slavery and bloodshed the remaining. However, the Pequot public was not agreed to the peace accord which Squanto debated and they attacked. And one of the worst and bloody Indian war know as Pequot war was fought.



In 1637, more than 700 Pequot cast men, women, and children joined the Annual Green Corn Festival, and this is known as Thanksgiving celebration. The festival was held near Groton, Connecticut. In the night hours English and Dutch warriors surrounded the Indians and they ordered the Indians to come out. Then they killed the Indians who came out, and the ladies and children who not came out they burned them. Next day “A Day of Thanksgiving” was declared by the Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony as 700 helpless men, women and children were killed.

history of thanksgiving-americans_killing_indians




After the encouragement of victory the daring pilgrims and their Indian friends attacked many villages. More than 14 ladies and children were sold and the others were killed. More than 500 slaves loaded in the boats left the England port. Donations were given for Indian fleeces to appreciate as many deaths as possible.

The churches declared the second day of THANKSGIVING followed by a prosperous arrest across the Pequot, they declared this to celebrate success over the agnostic beasts. At the time of feasting, they kicked the heads of afraid people in the streets. Even the affectionate Wampanoag did not leave the foolishness. Their prime was killed and his head was placed on a pole in Plymouth, Massachusetts and it remained there for next 24 years.

As the history of Thanksgiving shows that Thanksgiving dinners were conducted after each prosperous bloodshed, and the murders became more furious. Then finally it was recommended by George Washington there would be only one day of Thanksgiving each year. After that during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving day as a Legal National Holiday also he commanded armed forces to march against the dying Sioux in Minnesota.



True Thanksgiving celebration held in 1623 by the pilgrims, following a fast, and exhilarating 14-day rain, in a result they harvested very largely. According to William Delos Love, the Thanksgiving was celebrated on Wednesday, July 30, 1623, a day before the fall harvest and arrival of colonists’ supply ship. In William’s opinion, the 1623 Thanksgiving was important because of the order of recognizing the event from civil authority.



So it was all about the history of Thanksgiving Day. Now you can better understand why do we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the US. This is a true history of Thanksgiving Day that is never ever going to return.To explore more about the History of Thanksgiving you can visit Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. The coming Thanksgiving Day celebrations with your loved one think about the people who just wished for their lives and lost their families. And then pay thanks to God of His blessings on us. As people of that time also took the time to say Thanks to God for His blessings. These are the real Thanksgiving meanings. Also send quotes and sayings to your loved ones to spread the love and the real thanksgiving meaning.

Traditional celebrations of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in the US have some traditional ways of celebrations such as:

Charity on thanksgiving day

On the US Thanksgiving Day food is often provided to the poor. Salvation Army enlists the volunteers to distribute thanksgiving dinners to the people in different areas.  The food is famous as Thanksgiving Meal. The poor and hungry people line up outside the church for the free Thanksgiving meal.



Foods of the season

The US Thanksgiving holiday is a traditional comparison  to the meal held in 1621 by Pilgrims and Wampanoag settled in Plymouth Plantation. Many kinds of foods serving are traditional, such as deep-friedroasted chicken, and etc. All these items together feature a Thanksgiving feast table.

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a religious observance for all the members of the community to pay Thanks to God. In 1541, a thanksgiving mass was served after the expedition of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado safely crossing the high plains of Texas 1777. Thanksgiving was celebrated after the victory in the Battle of Saratoga, are the historical reasons for Thanksgiving celebrations.

Parades on thanksgiving day

Since 1924, different cities of the United States are holding parades on every Thanksgiving Day. These Thanksgiving Day parades feature many activities like Broadway plays, floats, balloons, cartoons, high school marching and etc.


Sports on thanksgiving day

In Thanksgiving celebrations American Football in an extensive part, many Football games are an integral  part of Thanksgiving Day. Since the creation of National Football League, it has played Games on Thanksgiving every year.


Every year on Thanksgiving Day many special Television transmits programs. Such as A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, live Football games, live parades and etc.


In 1965 on Thanksgiving Day an incident happened known as “Alice’s Restaurant”, it was first released in 1967, since then it has become a tradition to play it on radio stations.



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