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Holi is the festival of colors, Hindus celebrate the festival all around the world. It is the celebration of happiness and joy, and to share love with each other. Holi 2017 is starting on Sunday 12 March 2017. Just from the starting of the year, people start waiting for the Holi Date they remark it on their calendars.

Billions of people around the world not only Hindus but many others also celebrate the Festival with great fun. In the USA it is called the festival of colors and enjoyed with a lot of fun, entertainment, and happiness. People are busy in many Holi Celebration Activities on the day; they throw colors on each other.

History of Holi

The event originated from India, and many legends are involved in History of Holi Festival, and everyone has its particular story about the event. But the festival of colors is an ancient event and has an old history behind it. It is also considered a festival after a good harvest, and to say farewell to the winter season by welcoming the spring season.

Some legend involved in History of the festival are King Shiva, King Krishna, and King Hiranyakashipu and et al. They all associated with the festival of colors and have an individual story behind the festival. The festival originated from India and spread all around the globe by Hindus living in different countries. Holi also known as Holika in previous times.

The festival also celebrated to welcome spring season and to say goodbye to the winter season. On the event, nature and humanity do the same both throw beautiful colors on the earth. Colors of the festival symbolize the arrival of the spring season and change the mood with fun and happiness.

In some of the areas Festival of Colors is also associated harvest of the spring season, so the farmers celebrate the event with the joy of fruitful crops refilling their stores. Because of this reason the event is also known as Vasant Mahotsava and Kama Mahotsava.

Holi Celebrations and Traditions

The Festival of colors consists of two days celebrations starting with bonfire known as Holika, means to burn the evil and wrong. As the event also triumphs of good over evil and evil. The festival is a great opportunity to bridge all the social gaps between each other and to come closer for an excellent celebration.

Traditionally Celebrations include throwing colors on each other and making a lot of fun and entertainment. On the event, people gather with family, friends and loved ones they organize parties, and arrange Special and Delicious Holi Foods and Drinks along music and dance. The make the day very fun and joyous.

People also share Amazing Gifts on Holi with their loved ones; they also share Heart-Touching Quotes for Holi. It is a special event of the year, so people also send Beautiful Cards of Holi to their near and dear ones. They also wish each other with Holi Greetings and Wishes to spread the love and message of the day.

The festival of colors is an unusual and advantageous time to wish each other and to pay some attention to your loved ones. So take some spare time from your busy routine and give your family and loved ones your particular time to make them feel some unique. People also share Images and Pictures of Holi Festival as special gifts with their dear and near ones.

Holi Dates

The festival celebrated on Phalgun Purnima annually, that’s why every year Holi Dates change. It comes between ending of February and starting of March every year. We are providing you the Calendar from 2017 to 2030 you can note the dates for the upcoming years from here.

So go through and point out the Holi-Date for Holi 2017 on your personal calendar and start preparation from right now.

Holi Calendar from 2017 to 2030

2017                    starting on Sunday 12 March              ending on Monday 13 March

2018                    starting on Thursday 1 March             ending on Friday 2 March

2019                    starting  Wednesday 20 March       ending on Thursday 21 March

2020                    starting on Monday 9 March              ending on Tuesday 10 March

2021                    starting on Sunday 29 March              ending on Monday 30 March

2022                    starting on Friday 18 March               ending on Saturday 19 March

2023                    starting Wednesday 8 March         ending on Thursday 9 March

2024                    starting on Monday 25 March            ending on Tuesday 26 March

2025                    starting  Friday 14 March               ending on Saturday 15 March

2026                    starting Tuesday 3 March              ending on Wednesday 4 March

2027                    starting on Monday 22 March            ending on Tuesday 23 March

2028                    starting on Saturday 11 March           ending on Sunday 12 March

2029                    starting on Thursday 1 March             ending on Friday 2 March

2030                    starting Wednesday 20 March       ending on Thursday 21 March

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