Host a Fabulous Chinese New Year Party with Best Red and Gold Theme

Want to invite your family, friends, and loved ones on Chinese New Year Party for the coming Chinese New Year 2017? Get our humble services with 12 Best Ideas to make your party unforgettable for years long. We are providing your top 12 ideas to add more charm and fun to your Chinese New Year Party. Please explore the Ideas given in this article for your ease and help.

Chinese have different New Year than the Christian New Year; Chinese celebrate their New Year with the Lunar Calendar. And the celebrations for Chinese New Year continues for 15 days including a lot Chinese New Year Activities. The event is celebrated worldwide in many countries having relationships with China. People celebrate the event with a lot of fun, excitement, and entertainment by organizing Chinese New Year Party, Home Decorations, making Costumes, Shopping, and much more.

During the Chinese New Year, the red and gold theme is all around where people celebrate this event because red and gold in Chines culture are considered as lucky and wealthy colors. Red Lanterns are lighted in front of the doors and streets; homes are decorated with paper firecrackers to make the evil spirits scared. Most of the people set HD wallpapers of the event on their PCs and Mobile Phones as background for good luck.

Many activities are involved in celebrations of the Chinese New Year people go for a picnic with friends and family to enjoy the event they also play games. They make exceptional food, and special dinner to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Fireworks and Parade of the New Year are also the vital part of the event’s celebrations. Some people visit the Parade place to watch it live, and some enjoy it at home watching it Live on Television.

Traditionally the Chinese New Year is a celebration of family, blooming stars, and best wishes and hopes for the next coming year. Hosting a great Chinese New Year Party will add more fun to your celebrations of the event. The coming is the Year of the Rooster 2017 so your party must have an incredible Rooster theme. Here we are providing inspiring ideas for a party with the wonderful theme you can add you own creations with these ideas and make your party more entertaining.

Take a swift tour of Chinatown at least one month earlier the celebration, if it’s possible for you. Here you can find a lot of things for your Chinese New Year Party like firecrackers, dragons, chopsticks, face masks, chopsticks, table cloths, Rooster balloons and much more. Use our ideas add these things and make your Chinese New Year Party more appealing and memorable for the years long. So let’s have a glance on the incredible 12 Chinese New Year Party Ideas starting from the main entrance.

1.     Red and Gold Door Scarlet Chinese New Year Party Idea

Red and Gold Door Scarlet Chinese New Year Party Idea

We are starting with the main entrance of your Chinese New Year Party. So let’s start with the door scarlet. You can make beautiful scarlet yourself and also can purchase from any store and then decorate your entrance with it to make a perfect party impression.

2.     Beautiful Banner Chinese New Year Party Idea


Make beautiful red and gold banners to hang on your party place. Banner are very easy to make but to save your time you can buy them from and store.

3.     Hanging Firecrackers Chinese New Year Party Idea


Firecrackers will make your party more amazing and beautiful so use them in your party décor. Hang some sparkling firecrackers to show your enthusiasm towards the Chinese New Year.

4.     New Year Balloons Chinese New Year Party Idea


Bring some beautiful Rooster balloons and display on the Chinese New Year’s Day in your party to make great impact.

5.     Paper lanterns in Red Chinese New Year Party Idea

Red Lanterns Chinese New Year Decorations

Make your party place bright with the red paper lanterns and to celebrate the coming lunar brand New Year 2017. It’s very easy to make lanterns using red paper, or you can also buy from market for more ease. If you have some tree in your party area, then decorate it with these lanterns to give an astonishing look to your Chinese New Year Party.

6.     Sparkling Red Ang Pao Chinese New Year Party Idea


For children present in the Chinese New Year Party bring some red Ang Pao and give them on party day with some money inside the packets.

7.     Chinese Rooster Masks Chinese New Year Party Idea

To make your party more glamorous arrange some rooster masks, or Chinese dragon masks to have fun at the party.

8.     Beautiful Chinese Flowers Chinese New Year Party Idea

Decorate your party with the Chinese New Year Flowers like Lily, Peony, narcissus, and Azalea. Use these flowers to make your party really beautiful and amazing.

9.     Chinese Theme Table Decoration Chinese New Year Party Idea


Use red and gold themed beautiful Table Cloth for an elegant New Year look. The event’s central theme red and gold so you can give red and gold touch to things present in your party. Bind the chopsticks with gold ribbons to be prominent on the table.

10. Delicious Chinese Food Chinese New Year Party Idea


Make some delicious food for your party such as buffet and some sticky and sweet desert. You can also make special New Year Cookies for the party as appetizer. But must place the oranges as oranges are considered a traditional significant of Chinese New Year.

11. New Year Music Chinese New Year Party Idea

Chinese New Year Party

Never forget to bring a Chinese New Year Music CD to while your party is going on. Because the music never lets you bore, so it’s essential to make your guests more energetic on the New Year event.

12. Fireworks Chinese New Year Party Idea

new year party fireworks

Your party doesn’t complete without a sparkling fireworks display on the New Year. So arrange some fireworks to show at the end of your Chinese New Year Party. And make it memorable in hearts of your honorable guests for the years so long.




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