When is Labor Day 2017?

In USA Labor Day is an annual three days holiday weekend that is celebrated for the contributions of workers to the welfare, courage, happiness and comfort of the country. The Labor Day is observed on first Monday in September every year in the USA, Canada and many other countries around the world. The day of celebration remains same but the date changes every year. When is Labor Day 2017? Labor Day 2017 is coming on 4th September this year.

The Labor Day in the US also indicates the end of summer season and summer vacation, whereas the time for school starting in the USA. The Labor Day’s origin is the Labor Union Movement, explicitly the Eight-Hour Day Movement, which campaigned for Eight hours for Work, Eight hours for recreation, and Eight hours for rest.

Labor Day for the first time, celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City, USA. With the passage of time the celebration idea spread with the growth of labor organizations, officially in 1885 the Labor Day celebrated in many industrial centers of United States of America.

On February 21, 1887, Labor Day declared as holiday and Oregon were the first States to make it a holiday. Later in 1884 it became a federal holiday and the Labor Day officially celebrated in thirty states.

Many other countries celebrate Labor Day on May 1 every year that is International Workers’ Day. Some countries celebrate the Labor Day on a different date with special significance for Labor Movement in the country.


Labor Day, traditionally assigned with a parade to manifestation to the Nation the courage and enthusiastic temperament of trade and Labor organizations. The parade for the Labors and families also followed a festival. With the passage of time, it became a way of celebration for Labor Day. Later speeches by the extrusive men and women were also introduced, and more accentuation was placed upon the civil significance of the holiday.

Today, Labor Day 2016 is a day of rest or the time for workers to enjoy picnics before ending the summer. The Day is a sign one of the last days before starting the school again for the Students. In some slums, people organize barbecues, fireworks displays, and public ingenuity, sports festivals (with starting the football season or around Labor Day and a lot of teams playing the first game of the year during the great weekend for Labor Day). People share famous Labor Day Quotes, Sayings and wishes among each other.

Labor Day 2017 on  first Monday in September. The Day is observed as a federal holiday. Every year Labor Day Date changes but the Day remains same. On Labor Day all the Government offices, schools, and organizations and businesses are closed celebrating Labor Day. People gather with friends and families in picnic parks, restaurants, beaches and etc. they arrange parties and sports competitions like football for the celebration of the Day which is also marked as end of summer season. Public transportation systems usually don’t operate on the casual timetables.


When is Labor Day 2017?

First Monday of September

On 4 September

Calendar When is Labor Day from the year 2016 to 2027:

2017 September 4 (Monday) 

2018 September 3 (Monday) 

2019 September 2 (Monday)

2020 September 7 (Monday)

2021 September 6 (Monday)

2022 September 5 (Monday)

 2023 September 4 (Monday)

2024 September 2 (Monday)

2025 September 1 (Monday)

2026 September 7 (Monday)

2027 September 4 (Monday)




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