London New Year’s Eve Fireworks

New Year’s celebrations start on the last midnight of the running year on 31 December known as New Year’s Eve. Any event’s celebrations don’t complete without a great fireworks display. New Year is also the same event which concludes with the incredible fireworks display. The London New Year’s Eve Fireworks is the world famous fireworks display with millions of spectators celebrating the fantastic event.



About the London New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Talking about London, you have many wonderful ways to celebrate the New Year in restaurants, bars, clubs, and pubs around the London. From last few years the London New Year’s Eve Fireworks display is becoming very popular, and excellent show to watch and enjoy. The grand fireworks show showers the Thames with wonderful light every year on New Year’s Eve. Every year tickets are booked earlier because of the large number of spectators, who rush on the riverbank to enjoy a good view on the New Year Eve.

Tickets for the London New Year’s Eve Fireworks


While planning for New Year’s Eve, one thing always keep in your mind that for London New Year’s Eve Fireworks. You need first to book your ticket in advance. As the tickets are on sale on 21 October Friday 2016 at noon. And you can get the last chance to book your tickets on 2 December Friday 2016 at noon. You can buy more than four tickets per individual priced at £10 per ticket.

London New Year’s Eve Fireworks is one of the biggest fireworks display around the world which lasts for one hour. More than 100,000 people buy the ticket to watch this great fireworks display. If you want to save your £10, then you enjoy from some spot outside the ticketed areas at midnight. You can watch it from the Cannon Street.In the center of St Paul’s Cathedral, Mansion House and the Bank are outside the ticketed areas. So you can enjoy the whole London New Year’s Eve Fireworks display from this central riverside area.

The ticket buyers have five choices areas to select between, all offering the excellent views of the London New Year’s Eve Fireworks display. You should buy tickets for the area which is easiest from your home. In case of missing the tickets join the London New Year’s Eve Fireworks from our suggested ticket free areas but your earlier arrival is more important if you want to enjoy the event with more fun and greater view.

The five Ticketing Areas of London New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display


The five viewing areas are:

White area, Pink area, Green area, Red area and the Blue area. On Red and Blue area you can come only through the north side of Thames River. On White, Pink, and Green area you can arrive only from the south side of Thames River. Another viewing area is Albert Embankment, at the St Thomas Hospital Riverside, and you can reach here from the south.

Ticket Free Areas to Enjoy the London New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display

You have more options to celebrate the starting of the Brand New Year with London New Year’s Eve Fireworks which includes Southward Bridge, Millennium Bridge, and the Tower Bridge all of these are prime areas but surely will be busy.  Parliament Hill is another choice having a distant view but with less rush of people. To select any of the spots you have to come early, and prepared to be scrunched, but be careful because the Cannon Street may be closed from 8 pm so come before 8 to celebrate the coming year.

Beware of! On the London New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display


While coming on the great event keep in mind and beware that nobody is allowed to cross the nearing bridges in the hours of the fireworks display. Also, the pets are not allowed in great fireworks display. One person can buy more than four tickets. You must bring your ID along you to make it confirm that the name on the ticket and your name are matching together. You can also buy the tickets for London New Year’s Eve Fireworks display for your loved ones as a New Year Gift. In most of the ticketed areas, you can enter from 8 pm.

From 9 pm to the midnight a DJ will entertain you by playing music. The Fireworks will start at the stroke of midnight and last for 12 minutes, and again the DJ will play music for you. You can imagine it as a very wonderful and busy party to enjoy the New Year event outside.

So come and join in welcoming the New Year of 2017 with the London New Year’s Eve Fireworks display in a different style. Make it an unforgettable night celebrating the biggest event in the world of its kind.



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