Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on Fourth Thursday of November every year in United States of America and United Kingdom. Thanksgiving is a National Holiday in US and England. In the US there is a true and complete story behind the History of Thanksgiving in US. But in England and Canada, it’s just as a Harvest Festival. But the main purpose of Thanksgiving celebration is same in both countries which are to Pay Thanks to God for His marvelous blessings on us. And for everything which we have in our lives.

Americans, English, and Canadians also search outstanding ideas for Thanksgiving Home Decorations to implement or they search about Thanksgiving Card Ideas and coming towards girls and ladies their search’s main focus is on Thanksgiving Nail Art.  As celebrations on the day, Thanksgiving activities for families mostly includes sending Famous Thanksgiving Quotes and sayings, watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, planning Thanksgiving parties, Thanksgiving meal, also arranging Thanksgiving games and Thanksgiving travel etc.

This year thanksgiving is coming on 24th November, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade will be amazing to watch that day. Do you want to explore more about the parade? Then join us in our article revealing Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

About Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

Every year this parade is conferred by the US occupying department store chain Macy’s. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade started in the year 1924. This is the second oldest parade in the US as American Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit. On Thanksgiving Day the parade adheres in New York City and lasts for three hours from 9:00 am EST. since 1952 Television also transmits Macy’s parade  nationally.

Louis Bamberger is Pioneer of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

Louis Bamberger is Pioneer of the parade in Newark, New Jersey at Bamberger’s store and moved to New York City by Macy’s. Store employees walked in energetic costumes to Macy’s flagship store in New York on 34th street. They took along bands, floats and animals pledged from Central Park Zoo. And at the end, Santa Claus welcomed in Herald Square. Jolly old Elf adored on Macy’s mezzanine at first parade. More than 250,000 people attended the parade and decided to organize the Parade every year on Thanksgiving Day.

Inception of Balloon in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

The parade is always full of fun and entertainment. Two assortments of balloons are introducing in the  parade since 2013. Smaller Balloons are novelty balloons and model like human heads, and full-size balloons model like pop-culture character. 90 people control Two assortments of balloons . Blue Sky Gallery Balloons are also introducing from 2005-2012.


Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade’s Acts and Performers

The parade countenances many performances and live music. Marching Bands of college and high school also perform in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. National Cheerleaders Association chooses dancers and exponents from different high schools in the country for the Rockets of Radio City Music Hall. The parade ends with ingression of Santa Claus to surround the Christmas and holiday season.

Invitation to Special Guests on Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

Since 2011 family comrades from Tuesday’s Children (organization having long term devoir to directly jolt by attacks worldwide) are invitees to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade to gash the ribbon with NBC’s Al Roker and showed the parade with parade’s producer Amy Kule.

Radio and TV coverage of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

In 1932 the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade was broadcasted for the first time on the radio. And in 1946 in was transmitted on Television for the first time in New York. Now over 44 million people enjoy this parade on Television every year.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade route

The parade always held in  Manhattan, which started in Harlem From 145th Street. Parade’s route is 6 mile/9.7 km. In 1930 balloons swollen near St. John the Divine Cathedral in Amsterdam Avenue. Balloons were reducing at Columbus Avenue to go beneath Ninth Avenue EI. A,and the parade continued through Central Park West and then it moved to the south to finish at Macy’s Department Store. In 2009 a new route was created for the parade. In 2012 the route was again changed and a new route was created for the parade.

Drummers at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade


When is Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade 2016?  

This year Thanksgiving Day is coming on Thursday 24th November 2016. And the parade will take its first step at 9:00 am EST like every year.

Where to watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade 2016?  

You can watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on three stops Central Park West, Central Park South and Columbus Circle.

From where to get Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade tickets?

This is good news for you that the fantastic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is totally free. So everyone can watch and enjoy the amazing Parade for free. Just rush on any of the recommended spots to enjoy the incredible moments.


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