New Year Festival Essay Short and Brief

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As the New Year is the worldwide event celebrated on Julian’s calendar 1 January every year. The day has much importance among all other events and is celebrated with great fun and also involving a lot of activities. Such as shopping, parties, home decorations, dances, games, New Year Tree making, sharing New Year Wishes and Greetings.

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New Year Festival Essay

1.     Short New Year Festival Essay

On 1 January 1, we celebrate the New Year around the world in accordance with Julian and Gregorian calendar. The celebrations start on 31 December called New Year Eve. In every country, people celebrate the event according to their own traditions, but in most of the countries, the day is recognized as a public holiday. On New Year’s Day people wear beautiful dresses, arrange parties, dances, and also share wishes and greetings among each other. On the day people also plan their New Year’s resolutions to do in the coming year.

2.     Short New Year Festival Essay

New Year is celebrated from the New Year’s Eve on 31 December. The day is a wonderful holiday. People do a lot of shopping for the day. We mostly have a tradition to place a New Year Tree in the corner of the house. Parents also purchase many gifts for us. We spread an astonishing tablecloth and then present a lot of delicious things on it, including cakes, salads, fruits and et al. traditionally one person of my family dresses up in Father Frost costume and the other princess costume. Then we just switch off all the lights and then we shout and cheer Father Frost for three times only for fun. We perform games, dances, and sing songs along much fun. We also create the snowman, we place a carrot on snowman’s nose. Mostly we enjoy the New Year Fireworks display. Overall I would like to state that we enjoy the New Year with a great fun with our family.

3.     Short New Year Festival Essay

One of my favorite holidays is the New Year’s Day celebrating around the world. New Year has various traditions and customs of celebrations. Every country celebrates the day according to its tradition and different style. I born in the USA and all my childhood memories belong to this country. In my hometown, we celebrate the New Year in our own way.

We mostly start preparations for the day one month before the event. Basically, we purchase gifts, house decorations, and beautiful costumes for New Year. People also set New Year HD Wallpapers and Images on their devices. Undoubtedly the celebrations complete with a wonderful New Year Tree overstepped from generation to generation. The tree has a lot of small needles and it stays green all over the year.

1.     Brief New Year Festival Essay

New Year’s Day is a world festival that people rejoice the event with very enthusiasm. The celebrations for the day begin from 31 December the last day of Gregorian and Julian calendar and known as the New Year’s Eve. The celebration starts on the clock’s stroke of 12 in each country’s time zone.

Around the world, 1 January is recognized as New Year. But in some countries the New Year is different according to their calendars which are:

Between January 21 and Feb 21 is the Chinese New Year

From 20 March to 8 April is the Iran’s New Year

On 1 Muharram is the Islamic New Year

12 April to 15 April is Nepal New Year

And many others.

India’s different states celebrate the New Year on different dates like Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, and Assam celebrate 14 April or 15 April. Punjab, Manipur, Odia on 14 April and Malayalee in the mid-April.

The celebrations involve wishes, messages, dances, parties, fireworks, and etc. also planning a meaningful resolution for the New Year to implement.

2.     Brief New Year Festival Essay

New Year is one of the most exciting holidays for me observed on 1 January annually. Almost people of all age enjoy the day according to the custom of their country. New Year activities include a lot of things like shopping, decorations, parties, picnics, dances, games, parades, fireworks and much more.

The most favorite and exciting activity among all is making the New Year Tree. Not only adults but children also enjoy creating this wonderful object. You can see New Year Tree in every house during the New Year holiday. Whole family members participate in decorating the tree, using candies, toys, and lights. Most of the children think it a mystery because it usually has hidden gifts under it.

My pleasant memories are related to the day when on the New Year day all of my family members visited my grandmother’s house. My cousins and me, we squint under the tree for whole the evening, hoping that Santa Claus hides gifts under it. But the Santa was on time, and he hides the gifts before midnight.

In my hometown, the whole city is lightened up before the New Year and gets a new life. People from all around lob over the city, having gifts, New Year trees, watching New Years Parade and many other things. The whole city is decorated beautifully with lights in various colors dangling over the buildings, telephone poles and houses.

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