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Presidents’ Day, President’s Day is a federal holiday in the USA observed on the third Monday of February every year. The day also known as Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday. President’s Day holiday is very popularly identified and celebrated in honor of USA’s first president George Washington and the President Abram Lincoln and all the past and present Presidents of USA.

People started celebrating Washington’s Birthday in 1796 during the final year of him as president. But because of Julian and Gregorian calendar’s conflict, his Birthday on 22 February wasn’t clear. The celebration of Washington continued for the coming 90 years. Then the Congress made the holiday a law, in 1880 they formed it officially, allowing Washington First Federal Holiday to honor a person.

In 1968 Congress introduced uniform Monday holiday bill to make the weekends long for US workers. This law changed many holidays to fall on Monday, and Washington’s Birthday also included in it. Congress extensively discussed the idea to rename the holiday Presidents’ Day during the debate of the bill. That time Lincoln’s Birthday was a holiday in many states but wasn’t accepted as a federal holiday, and the name wasn’t altered officially.

In 1971 the holiday officially named as Presidents’ Day and continued to be popular until got acceptance in the 1980s.  In 1999 the day became an offering Presidents’ Day an opportunity to celebrate not only Lincoln and Washington but all the presidents of the USA including William Henry Harrison.

Now in present days, the Presidents’ Day or President’s Day celebrated as a federal holiday.  A long weekend honoring Washington, Lincoln and all the USA past and present presidents on the third Monday of February every year. The great Presidents’ Day esteems and celebrates the achievements and life of the Father of the Country, George Washington.

Celebrations and Traditions for Presidents’ Day:

Presidents’ Day is an event for society celebrations and parades. People of USA spend their time reflecting on the offerings of country’s great leaders. The primary purpose of the day is to celebrate and honor all the presidents of the country. The day mainly used to pay tribute to Lincoln and Washington. Celebration bases in the economy and some businesses, retail outlets, and stores offer significant individual sales. It leads some citizens spending the Presidents’ Day in shopping.

On Presidents’ Day offices and schools are closed. During the month of February, Students spend most of their time in learning the history of the USA and social responsibilities being the citizen of the country. On 22 Feb every year, Washington’s farewell address read in Congress since 1862.

Public Life on Presidents’ Day:

People mostly do a lot of fun on the Presidents’ Day they enjoy shopping because most of the stores and businesses are open on the day. People enjoy many sales on the day, many delivery services also have regular service, except the Post Office. Some of the schools are off for whole the week for a recess of mid-winter. By some government sources, Indiana the state of USA celebrates Washington’s Birthday holiday in December.

On the Presidents’ Day, People share Patriotic Quotes of President’s Day among each other to show their patriotism towards the great day. They plan beach party with friends and family make fun on the day. They move towards their State’s National Parks with kids, family, and friends. Mostly people visit their nearest museum and the children museums to spend the holiday.

Greeting Cards shared among family, friends and loved ones to spread the passion of patriotism and love among each other. People also set Presidents’ Day Photos, and images as the background of their devices and they also update their social media’s status using these pictures and images.

The Presidents’ Day is imperative for the citizens of USA to show their patriotism. And to perform their actual responsibilities being the good and responsible citizens. It’s a great time and chance to remember the works and achievement of Washington, Abraham Lincoln and all the other presidents of the country. A time to pay tribute all the leaders for their good works and responsibilities.

So let’s enjoy the coming Presidents’ Day 2017 with a new passion of patriotism. Show your love by performing your patriotic duties on the day of salutation for all the presidents of the country.

Happy Presidents’ Day in Advance!

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