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Shrove Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras, Pancake Day, Pancake Tuesday, and Fat Tuesday celebrated all over the world. The Shrove Tuesday occurs 46 days before Easter between 03 February and 09 March every year, it comes one day before the Ash Wednesday. Billions of Christians and Catholics celebrate the Shrove Tuesday worldwide.

Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is the last day of eating fat before the fasting season Lent starts. The day reminds that the holy season of fasting is coming ahead. On Shrove, Tuesday people practice like eating the food for which they are going to sacrifice for the next 40 day of religious duty connected with the Lent. Such as Pancakes with Special Recipes. It is the last night on which people can eat fatty, and richer food before the Lent season starting on the Ash Wednesday.

People are busy in many Activities of Shrove Tuesday or the Pancake; they also share Quote about the Shrove Tuesday with each other to spread the message of the holy day. They organize big feast on the day and also share Shrove Tuesday HD Images with each other.

Shrove Tuesday History:

It is not possible to exactly know when the tradition of symbolizing the beginning of Lent started. In the week ahead Lent everyone shall go to his priest and acknowledge his feats and the priest shall so shrive him as he then may hear by his feats what he is to do in the form of absolution.

The word Shrove derived from the old English word Shrive which means confess. And the Shrove Tuesday is the day for confession of sins and to ask God for forgiveness. This name indicates the period of disinfecting, in a way a person brings their passion and craving below servitude through self-sacrifice and refraining.

Shrove Tuesday started during middle ages, and in present time foods like fish, meat, eggs, fats, and milk concerned as confined during the Lent season. To maintain such food items from spoiling, some families organize large feasts on the Shrove Tuesday to devour such food which certainly becomes wasted during the next 40 days. So the tradition of eating Pancakes came to use as many fats, eggs, and milk as possible before starting the Ash Wednesday.

Originally the Shrove Tuesday began on Sunday, and it was a 3-day celebration which rounds off in big feasts on Tuesday night. In the starting of the 20th century, it moved to Tuesday celebration.

Traditions of Shrove Tuesday:

Shrove Tuesday celebrated in many countries around the world and especially in the English countries. Like United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, United States, Philippines, Germany, Canada and many others.

Shrove Tuesday is celebrated in different ways derived from various regions around America and Europe. In England it is known as Pancake Day, on the day there are Pancake Day Races every year. The participants wear scarves and aprons, and they run flipping the Pancake in a Pan.

In Eastern Europe, it is Carnival and includes glamorous parades. And people wear large masks, and they also play jokes on viewers. In New Orleans, it is known as Mardi Gras and includes various parades including large floats. People make a lot of fun by eating, dancing in the streets and drinking and much more.

Brazil celebrates the World’s Longest Carnival, but in many areas have famous festivals on the day. In French cities like Grasse, Nice and Cannes it is a very colorful event and includes large parades including the giant figure floats covered with flowers. People wear special costumes on the Shrove Tuesday.

In the UK it is known as Pancake Day, and people play games, and races on the day make a lot of fun. In Haiti, the day is called Carnival, and there are biggest celebrations of the year including cultural shows, music, and food.

Public Life on Shrove Tuesday:

The Shrove Tuesday is a public holiday in many places like Panama, Haiti, Liechtenstein, Venezuela, and Portugal.

In some countries, the holiday restricted to bank employees, government, and some businesses. The countries like Dominica, Angola, Trinidad, Tobago, and Ecuador.

For Brazilians, it is an optional holiday without pay, and in French Guiana, it is not official off day but a traditional off for the workers. In some parts of USA it is a public holiday but not in Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Shrove Tuesday Dates from 2017 to 2025:

2017            February 28, 2017
2018            February 13, 2018
2019            March 05, 2019
2020            February 25, 2020
2021            February 16, 2021
2022            March 01, 2022
2023            February 21, 2023
2024            February 13, 2024
2025            March 04, 2025

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