11 Mind-blowing Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas

Hey, guys! How about your Thanksgiving preparations? Are you ready or still something left? Here we are for your help and ease, get our humble guidance for complete preparations for Thanksgiving Day. Many Thanksgiving Activities are involved in celebrating the event. Thanksgiving Home Decorations, Thanksgiving Dinner, Thanksgiving Card Ideas and much more. Coming towards Females Thanksgiving Nail Art is the most favorite activity to enjoy the event uniquely. We are providing you guidance for Thanksgiving Nail Art with images.

Thanksgiving is celebrated in many countries around the world including the UK, US, and Canada, but celebration days are different. In US and UK Thanksgiving is celebrated on Fourth Thursday of November and in Canada on Second Monday of October every year. Thanksgiving in US has some painful history behind while in other countries it’s just a harvest festival.

Talking about the US we know that it’s a land of the free and home of Ultra-fab Nails and many other countries also follow the same. We know very well Nails are the essential part of our body playing a meaningful role in the celebration of Thanksgiving Day painted in different Thanksgiving Nail Art designs. Our whole look is completed with our Nails because Nails give some extra beauty and elegance to our look if they are well painted and well designs.

Enjoy this year’s Thanksgiving by giving your nails a sparkling and some extraordinary artistic look. So go through and find your favorite one.

ombre Thankgiving Nail Art

1.     Thanksgiving Nail Art design with Pumpkin Hangover

A great idea for apprentices. Paint your nails with white, and coat a confetti veneer. And you have done! Practice to make perfect on Thanksgiving.


2.     Thanksgiving Nail Art design with Turkey style

Give some turkey look to your nails you can make feathers using orange/persimmon nail paint and using some shimmers and glitters.

3.     Thanksgiving Nail Art design in Charlie Brown

Surely a great idea for a complete artistic looks to celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving. You can create your own art with Charlie brown and some shimmers.

Thanksgiving Nail Art in-charlie-brown

4.     Thanksgiving Nail Art design with Ombre Glitter

And awesome idea to make you swooning so hard by a natural craze. Use black which is really punched up with the beautiful orange/persimmon and Gold-Flecked Nail paint.

5.     Thanksgiving Nail Art with Autumn Sunset Style

Create the intangible fall Mani, design three sunset-inspired shades and make lacy leaves with some soft color like pinky beige or you can also use glitters for an inspiring look.


6.     Thanksgiving Nail Art with Beautiful Falling Leaves

Do you want compliments on this year’s Thanksgiving? Then falling leaves are the best and perfect idea to make on your nails. Make a base with matte orange and them make falling leaves with green or different colors.

7.     Thanksgiving Nail Art with Appetizing Drumsticks

It’s amazing ideas to design your nails with delicious and appetizing drumsticks art. Only you have to make an appealing base and then use brown and beige to make drumsticks and you have done!

8.      Thanksgiving Nail Art with Cooked Turkey

To give your nails a unique and appealing look on this year’s Thanksgiving try this idea and gather a lot of compliments from others. Just make white base then use dark orange, beige and dark brown to make cooked Turkey on your nails.

turkey style Thanksgiving Nail Art

9.     Thanksgiving Nail Art with Stripes

Always demanding the strips design will add more beauty to your nails on Thanksgiving Day. Use the fall colors yellow, dark orange, brown and white for the base. Using these colors make an elegant strip to enjoy the Day.

10.  Thanksgiving Nail Art with Studs and glitters

Use beautiful studs to make an elegant look you can use studs in silver and different colors. Use some dark base color for silver studs, and soft base color for colorful studs.

11. Thanksgiving Nail Art with Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Balloons

It will look amazing if you paint your nails with Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Balloons. You can also make Macy’s Stars on your nails with a white base and yellow stars.








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