Unique Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas Day is coming nearer and billions of people around the world are busy in Christmas preparations and shopping. They set Christmas Wallpapers and Images on their Desktops or Mobiles as background. Christmas card is a traditional way to celebrate the event. People buy Christmas Greetings Cards for their loved ones. Some make Christmas cards for their family, friends and loved ones. Here we are providing Unique Handmade Christmas Card Ideas for your ease. You can easily make these wonderful and Unique Handmade Christmas Cards in just following few steps and within few minutes, without paying many efforts.

Christmas is the day of celebration for Christ Jesus’ Birth. As Christians consider that Christ Jesus is the light of the world. Not only Christians but billions of non-Christians also celebrate the event with great pomp and show. In most of the countries Christmas is a public holiday but in some countries, the day is not recognized as a public holiday.

Christmas celebration includes many activities mostly people share Famous Christmas Quotes and Sayings among each other and prepare appealing Speech for Christmas. They do Home Decorations for Christmas. Central Christmas activity is Gifts-Giving and especially kids enjoy the activity. Christmas Party is also organized for family and loved ones. The great Celebration always completes with Christmas Fireworks. And for females, it completes with incredible Christmas False Nails.

Most of the people join the World’s Famous Christmas Parades or they enjoy a wonderful parade at home on TV with all the family members. Among all other Christmas Activities making unique Handmade Cards is a wonderful Idea to do something different for your loved ones. So let’s start the journey to please your Friends, Family and all of your loved ones. We are also providing HD Images along for your help and ease and to get the better Ideas.

Unique Handmade Christmas Cards with 3D design

Unique Handmade Christmas Cards with-3d-design

Make a 3D design on Christmas Greeting Card to make something more special and wonderful. It’s fun to do and an eye-catching as well as cheap also. You can use colorful layered papers in various designs and styles to make these unique cards. Take a thin cardboard piece and make a layer of various designs and patterns over the top and you have done!

Unique Handmade Christmas Cards Using Japanese Wood Envelope


It’s an outstanding idea to use Japanese wood envelope template. Grab glue Kraft paper sheet, tape, some fabric scraps. Make uniqueness with your design to strike really an awesome impression. You can also write some Christmas Greetings Messages for a beautiful Christmas impact.


Unique Handmade Christmas Cards with Christmas Wreath


You need multiple sizes hole punchers, some paper sheets in different colors, glue, and ribbon. Make an elegant Christmas Wreath with different colors and sizes of hole punches sticking with glue. Now make a hole in the center of the card and tie a knot of ribbon through the hole and that’s it. Now write the name of the recipient in a beautiful writing style along with a wonderful Christmas Quotes and Sayings.

Unique Handmade Christmas Cards making Christmas Chicks


Cut out Christmas Chicks in different sizes covered in White glitter and layer on a beautiful Kraft paper. Add some snowflakes to give it an extra Christmas touch. You can also make some ribbon design to make it more attractive.

Unique Handmade Christmas Cards with 3D X-Mass Tree

Make a 3D Christmas Tree in green color and decorate it with beads of different colors and in different shapes. Use gold spray paint or glitter to highlight the Card. You can also use fake leaves to make the X-Mass tree.

Unique Handmade Christmas Cards with Beautiful Buttons


You can make X-Mass Tree with different colors and sizes of Buttons. Use different shapes of buttons to make it more elegant. Write Merry Christmas with small size buttons uses glitter to highlight the text.

Unique Handmade Christmas Cards DIY



Cut four big circles with colorful cards and fold them into halves. Now stick one-half of the card with other and then fold them together. Now them up with a beautiful ribbon, and paste some beads to make it more prominent.

Unique Handmade Christmas Cards with Greeting Santa Claus


Make Santa Claus using white color buttons. Use ribbon in red color to make neck tie and black ribbon for the cap. Also, you can make the snowman but you only need an orange color thread to make its nose and brown color thread to make its arms and that’s it.





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