14 Wonderful and Cheering Holi Celebration and Holi Party Ideas with Fun Activities

Holi 2017 is starting on Sunday 12 March 2017.  Holi, the festival of colors is a worldwide festival and Hindus celebrate the event with much fun and joy. In present days not only Hindus but almost all other people also celebrate the festival by throwing colors on each other and making a lot of fun. Are you ready for Holi Celebration or just thinking about how to celebrate the upcoming Holi 2017 with a lot of fun and unique activities? Now no need to worry because we are telling you the best and fun ways of Holi Celebration.

Holi is a festival of happiness and a chance to come closer to our friends, family and loved ones removing all the social gaps between each other. It is an opportunity to celebrate good over bad and evil, along with a fun and joy. All around the world people celebrate the event with family and friends, and Holi Celebration includes Holi Gifts, music, dance, throwing color powder on each other, arranging a delicious Food for Holi and much more.

People Wish on Holi to their loved ones, friends, and family they send Appealing Quotes on Holi to each other. Holi Celebration also includes setting some Beautiful Holi Wallpapers or Images on different devices like PCs, Laptop, Mobile, etc. You can also Share Holi E-Cards with your dear and near ones through any social media or by email. Or buy some Beautiful Holi Cards to send to your loved ones or be creative and make Handmade Holi Cards yourself.

Incredible Holi Celebration Ideas

We are here to make your Holi Celebration more fantastic and unforgettable with a lot of fun, chill, and joy. Make your Holi Celebration lively with our amazing ideas, so go through and start planning to celebrate the day right now.

1.      Enchanting Holi Decor:

Holi Decoration Ideas

Decorate your party area in a colorful theme to provide a perfect ambient for your Holi Celebration. You can use colorful paper lanterns, balloons, paper cuttings, etc. to make the party area spruce.

2.      Flame the Bonfire

Holi Bonfire

Holi starts with a bonfire, to gather your friends and family to flame the bonfire and sing and dance to the beat of the music to start the Holi Celebration.

3.      Holi Celebration with Compulsory White Dress for all the Guests:

White is a perfect Holi dress to wear and enjoy the event make it compulsory for all the guests and enjoy throwing colors on each other.

4.      Cliquish Color Pichkari for Kids:

It will be wonderful to provide color Pichkari to all the kids and let them throw colors with Pichkari on everyone. Kids are very special so let them make great fun on the day.

5.      Colorful Wig Holi Celebration Idea:

Colorful Holi Wig

To be unique and to save your hair use a colorful Holi wig. It will give you a nice look and Holi theme on the event.

6.      Live Music:

Holi Party Ideas

Arrange some live music and dance floor with DJ to complete the Holi Celebration and let the guests request for their favorite songs to play and enjoy Holi with dance.

7.      Holi Barbeque Party:

Holi Barbeques

You feel hunger twinge making you crazy after playing Holi all the day. So need some hot, delicious, crispy snacks to fill your hunger. And barbecue is a wonderful idea to curb your hunger with a yummy taste.

8.      A Complete Holi Celebration with Sweets and Bhang:

Holi is incomplete without bhang so arrange a refreshing drink with bhang and enjoy the moment. Sweets are also compulsory to make the day sweeter.

9.      Frolic Holi-Games:

To increase more zest to Holi Celebration arranges some frolic game for precipitous enjoyment. Games like musical chair, passing leaking balloon, dumb charades, etc.

10. Surprising Gifts Holi Celebration Idea:

Holi Gifts

Please your guests with special Holi gifts like chocolates, sweets, Gujiya, etc. you can also present dry fruit box, the idol on the special occasion of Holi.

11. Fun Activities:

Don’t let your guests bore amuse them through fun activities through the party. Arrange activities like archery, dance competition, colorful temporary tattoo making, etc.

12. Refreshing Drinks:

Thandai Holi Food

Arrange a variety of refreshing drinks like lemonade, soft drinks, Thandai, and many others to keep your guests refresh all the day.

13. Balloon Shooter:

The balloon shooter is a perfect game for people of all ages, from kids to old. Everyone can surely enjoy the balloon shooter game. Just fill the balloons with color water before you start your party and enjoy it during the party.

14. Visit your Family and Friends:

Holi Celebrations

It’s a wonderful chance and opportunity to meet your family and friends and to share the happiness of the day with them. So set a plan to visit them on the upcoming Holi Festival or invite them to your Holi Party.




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