The world Famous London New Year’s Day Parade

The New Year’s Day observing on 1 January every year, includes many activities such as sending Quotes and Sayings, shopping.  Also decorations, organizing parties, games, dances, purchasing Gifts, Greeting Cards, Nail Art, New Year fireworks and much more. But the great event of New Year’s Day doesn’t complete without a wonderful parade. And the London New Year’s Day Parade is one of the world-famous parades. The parade is fabulous to watch, you can join the parade at Parliament Square or can watch it on TV at home.

To explore more about the London New Year’s Day Parade go through this article. We are providing a brief detail on the fantastic parade organized for New Year’s celebration every year.

London New Year’s Day Parade

Introduction of London New Year’s Day Parade


The starting day of the Julian and Gregorian Year, the 1 January in London recognized as the fantastic London New Year’s Day Parade. London New Year’s Day Parade is the world famous parade held annually on the streets of London’s West End. The parade started with the name Lord Mayor of Westminster’s Big Parade, and later renamed as Millennium Parade.

You can imagine the parade with more gargantuan Disney form floats, marching bands, dancers, along boisterous music, acrobats. And with super performers, balloons, exponents, with colorful costumes and performances delineating the 32 Precincts of London. More than 8,000 contortionists, and mingle of more than 500,000 hangovers, still a little bit drunk (because of New Year’s Eve), some snobbish and tourists among Londoners are present at the grand parade.


31st Year of London New Year’s Day Parade

In 2017 London New Year’s Day Parade is celebrating its 31st year. You can watch the eye-catching parade in the Central London Streets on the coming New Year’s Day. It’s an incredible parade including cheerleader, dancers, marching bands, floats, fantastic vehicles, Acrobat and much more in the heart of the capital city. The parade always celebrates the New Year’s Day in a colorful manner with its present-day performance and its traditional ceremony.

Performers and spectators of London New Year’s Day Parade

The London New Years Day Parade

London New Year’s Day Parade includes more than 8,000 artists representing more than 20 countries from around the world. And more than 500,000 spectators watch this fabulous parade. London New Year’s Day Parade has broadcasted live on TV also.

London New Year’s Day Parade Theme


The theme of the parade is Camera, Lights, Action presenting film performances and displays. The parade consists of big balloons, floats, explosives, music and much more padding the air around. The marching bands, acrobats, and cheerleaders perform in the parade. There are numerous spectators enjoy the event with a lot of fun and entertainment together.

 “Let’s Help London Challenge” of London New Year’s Day Parade


Every year the parade is organized to raise funds for charities, and 32 precincts of London compete for the high prize in the “Let’s Help London Challenge.” All of them perform their best and winners get the prize and distribute the prize among their selected endowments.

All the Precincts arrive the parade with some performance, floats, acrobats or some other kind of entertainment. An International jury consisting of the foreign representatives and high commissioners judges all the performances by 32 precincts.

Another competition is also held by BBC London every year to choose two adroit young musicians to move to the US and play with the marching band of American High School and in the parade of London. This competition is held to celebrate the special relationship between USA and Britain.

London New Year’s Day Parade’s Route

The London New Years Day Parade

The great London New Year’s Day Parade starts from Ritz Hotel Piccadilly and ends in the Parliament Square, coming from the Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, and Lower Regent Street, and the Pall Mall. The parade goes from Green Park Tube Station, starting at 12 pm and ends on almost 3:30 pm.

The parade includes musicians with American style, numerous bands to perform, dancers from all over the country, fantastic clowns, and floats walk with deliberation on the 2.2-mile long route.

The streets near the parade area are closed from 4 am to 6 pm every year on January 1. The streets including Piccadilly, Piccadilly Circus, Pall Mall, Regent Street, Trafalgar Square, Stratton, Whitehall, Waterloo Place, Berkeley Street and Square, Arlington Street, Dover Street, and the Mayfair Place. So we recommend, it’s better for you to avoid these streets instead of facing problems.

London New Year’s Day Parade’s Scouts

The London New Years Day Parade

There are more than 200 Scouts from all over the London, forced by Enfield District Scout Band, who take part in the London New Year’s Day Parade every year.

So what’s your plans about the New Year’s Day Celebrations? Are you arriving at the London New Year’s Parade? This year’s parade is presenting all the American Dancers and vitality performers adding more charm to the parade absolutely on January 1, 2017, at 12 pm. So make your plan to join the parade with your family or friends or with someone special in your life. Or enjoy it at your home with the live broadcast on TV.


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